Currently: Isla Edition

Time // 7:07 a.m.

Place // Sitting “at the bar” in the kitchen.

20150507_070842 (1)

Eating // Cereal, her breakfast staple at the moment. She likes Cheerios mixed with some kind of sugary goodness. (Right now it’s Trix.) And I’ll admit that I totally just put Cheerios in her bowl to cut back on the sugar. When she’s done her cereal she usually asks for a yogurt as well.

Drinking // Milk at every meal, and asks for juice or water during the day when she’s thirsty. She doesn’t like pop (I think it’s the carbonation) or coffee, lol. Actually, every beverage that Kyle and I drink (that isn’t milk, juice, or water) is either “beer” (anything in a can) or coffee (anything in a mug).

20150501_142021 (1)

Watching // Paw Patrol and Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood. She also likes watching Friends on Netflix with me, and she adored Gilmore Girls. (Seriously – she would pretend to talk on the phone with Lorelai and would tell me that Sookie is in the kitchen.)

Reading // A book that her great-grandparents brought back from Hawaii for her. It’s about a sea turtle named Limu and his underwater Hawaiian garden. She likes it because of all the turtles, I like it because it’s a short read ;)

Learning // Dance moves! She’s been in dance lessons for about a month now and absolutely loves it. I placed her in lessons just in time for the big recital at the end of this month, so it should be interesting to see how the little ones do on the big stage!


Wanting // To pick songs in the car (“Shut Up and Dance” is her go-to right now, followed closely by “Shake it Off” (still, ugh), and “Uptown Funk.”) She also wants to do things herself more often than not these days, which is a constant reminder of how big she’s getting. “I’LL DO IT!” is what I hear when she doesn’t want my help with something, like going potty (which she’s nearly mastered) and getting in and out of “her” seat at the kitchen counter.

Needing // To keep busy. She doesn’t do well when she’s bored (nor do I), so she needs something to do to occupy her time. We do park days, outside time, and other fun adventures to keep her mind occupied. When the weather’s not so great it’s harder, but she enjoys colouring, puzzle building and movie watching as well!

Anticipating // The arrival of her baby sister, who she’s certain is going to come out of my belly button. While she claims that she’s going to love her and share her toys with her, I’m skeptical ;)

20150505_152606 (1)

2 thoughts on “Currently: Isla Edition

  1. Isla looks so grown up in that second picture, and what an adorable ballerina! Topher’s the type of of kid who needs to be kept busy too. I’m thankful for preschool two days/week at this point – I have no idea how I’ll keep him occupied all summer! Thank goodness there are a lot of playgrounds in our neighbourhood :)



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