I was your typical teenager; my parents were a drag and I always felt that my mom was breathing down my neck. “YOU NEED TO STUDY! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! WAKE UP, IT’S 11AM!” Full of your usual teen angst, I thought my mom was too controlling, never letting me go to wild parties, not allowing me to date the boys I wanted, etc … Except she wasn’t. She was always just looking out for me because she knew I could do better.

Of course, she was right. All of the pushing, the nagging and the busting of my chops paid off. I graduated high school, went to university, got my degree and married the love of my life because my mom helped guide me there. If she hadn’t caught me skipping school, I probably wouldn’t have graduated. If she didn’t care about who I dated, I may never have come to realize how amazing of a person my husband was (and still is) back in high school.

I look back at the earlier years – before puberty hit – and remember all the great things my mom did for me. Adventures with her and my grandma. Enrolling me in swimming lessons, piano lessons, choir, soccer, and t-ball. Sending me to school with healthy lunches.

It was those little things that she did that has helped me become the kind of mom I want to be for my own kids. I want to push them to be great but allow them to learn from their mistakes. I want to be there for them but not force myself upon them. I want them to know that I’ll always be their mom and love them no matter what, the same way that my mom has (and still does) for me. I’m sure there were days where she wanted to give up, but I’m glad she didn’t.

So, thank you Mom. I’ve learned so much from you over the past 29 years and I know that there’s more lessons still to come. You’re the best.



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