TGIF: v.16

The high of my week was receiving our tax return in the mail! Not that we have super fancy plans for it – we’re replacing the fence in our backyard and building a retaining wall. But still – it was a wonderful thing to receive! I also finished a project I’ve been working on for the past few months and sent it off to the publisher. Yay! It should be printed and in the mail in the next couple of weeks!

The low of my week was spilling a glass of water all over my Macbook. Way to go, Kara. After dealing with a wonky trackpad for about 12 hours, everything seems to be working just fine again. At least it was just water? I’m sure any other type of liquid probably would’ve killed it.

An internet find I loved was not really a find, but after finishing Gilmore Girls last week I wanted to start a new series to watch with Isla while we ate lunch. Kyle suggested Friends – the episodes are only 22 minutes long and it’s easy to watch. Okay – it’s perhaps not the most toddler-appropriate show for Isla to be watching, but whatever. She seems to like it and now asks for Friends at lunch instead of Gilmore Girls.

The best money I spent was on the curtains I scored for the nursery off a local buy/sell group. They will likely go up this weekend!

My favourite Isla moment was her mooning me. Seriously, this kid is hilarious! She was leaning into her toy bin to get something and had a bit of a plumber’s crack showing, so I said to her, “Nice butt crack, Isla!” She responded with “Thank you, Mommy!” then pulled her pants down further and mooned me! I died laughing, and now of course she thinks it’s the best thing ever to do.

The song that has been stuck in my head is Matt McAndrew’s single, “Counting on Love.” I really wanted him to win The Voice last season and was sad that he didn’t, but his new song is so good! It helped that he performed it the other night live and that James Valentine accompanied him …

My favourite meal of the week was nothing. Really. Nothing stands out in my head, except for the crap-tastic dinner I made Tuesday, which was indeed, crappy.  

My plans for the weekend are a little R&R visit at a friend’s house and getting the nursery closer to being finished. May is jam-packed with stuff happening on the weekends, and I have a feeling June is going to be here before I know it! (Which is good AND bad!)

3 thoughts on “TGIF: v.16

  1. I love that you and Isla are watching Friends together! Have you never watched it before??? Best series ever!

    I dripped some water on my trackpad a few weeks ago and was freaking out that it wasn’t working properly but the next day it was fine. Thank goodness, I really do not have the money for a new laptop right now!!


    • I did watch it 20 years ago (!!) but since I’m on a kick of rewatching old favourites, I thought I’d introduce Isla to the awesomeness that is Friends! It was a toss-up between that and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ;)

      I wish it was just a couple of drops that got on my trackpad! It seems to be working OK now, fingers crossed it stays that way. We definitely can’t afford to replace it either!

      On Fri, May 1, 2015 at 7:52 AM, She Writes Words wrote:



  2. I have nothing exciting planned for my tax return either. Probably save it as I’m not making as much right now. That’s hilarious that she mooned you! What a kid :) have a great weekend



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