Going Wild!

On the weekend, Callie and I decided to relive our childhood and go to the BC Wildlife Park. It’s a pretty awesome park with local and non-local wildlife and it was just fun to check out the animals as adults!

We got to see an ENORMOUS golden eagle just chilling out NOT IN A CAGE as soon as we got there. The Birds of Prey show had just finished so the eagle was sitting on a perch for people to take SUPER close up photos of it. I’m pretty sure it was bigger than me!

We also saw cougars, black and grizzly bears, moose, coyotes, wolves, mountain goats, big horn sheep, bison, owls, and more! We rode a mini-train around the park for $1, which was a lot shorter than we remembered from when we were little, ha!

Anyway, here’s some photos from the day!

What’s you’re favourite wildlife from your neck of the woods?

3 thoughts on “Going Wild!

  1. Topher lets me relive my childhood – I think I’m more excited at the zoo than he is :) I’m a fan of eagles … not so much wolves or bears or anything else that can eat me!



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