In My Belly

The in-laws went down to Keremeos a few days ago and brought Kyle and I back some delicious hand-picked produce. Oh-em-gee, SO GOOD! Check out our bounty:

A couple of store-bought apples and a pluot snuck into the mix, but we got a nectarine, cherries, apples, apricots, peaches and two HUGE tomatoes! Look at those bad boys! Amazing! Needless to say, Kyle and I had tomato sandwiches for lunch yesterday. Delicious.

Now I shall lead you into the weekend with a pretty shot of a sunflower I took over the weekend. And thanks for all the love you guys have shown me for the past couple posts of mine that weren’t exactly easy for me to write. It means a lot. :)

Happy Friday everyone! Any fun weekend plans? I’m going to the local wildlife park!


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