Things that make me go “Hmm…”

I just want to give a shout out to a couple things that make me scratch my head. Maybe this will turn into a series post, maybe not. For now, here’s what’s making my go “Hmm”:

– The nail polish on only one of my toes always comes off completely after about a week or so of application. Proof:

Okay, so my nail polish isn’t looking so hot, but really – ever since I started using a base & top coat the polish always, ALWAYS comes off that one toe. Even when I had my pro pedicure before the wedding, a couple weeks later it was the first toe to lose its colour. I’m baffled. It doesn’t even chip, I’ll just wake up and it’ll be gone! Sorcery, I tell you. Just pure, evil sorcery.

– Extreme couponers. I’m sorry, but you DO NOT need eight sticks of deodorant. Why? because 1) Half the sticks of deodorant will expire before you ever get a chance to use them and 2) No one actually smells THAT bad unless they don’t shower. Ever. Unless you spend so much time cutting coupons that you don’t have time to shower. Then you just have a whole new bag of issues that I’m not willing to dice into at this point in time. Extreme couponers are ridiculous and I blame it all on that TLC show. To the women who quit their jobs to collect coupons: Maybe if you HAD a job you wouldn’t have to use a dozen coupons when buying shit at the store.

– Those tissue paper-like “covers” that you can use in public washrooms. Okay, I get the point of them, but can’t you just hover over the bowl? And if your business is more serious than having to just hover, can you not hold it? Or if you can’t – would you really bother with a silly, flimsy piece of tissue paper to (literally) save your ass? I wouldn’t. Just saying. I’d rather risk exposure to germs than crapping my pants.

Hmm, well, this post got a little carried away into the TMI category, now didn’t it? May as well through this one into the TMI Thursday category. (Yes, that’s a shout out to the Queen Mum of TMIT. Respect.)

Anything making YOU go “Hmm” lately?

3 thoughts on “Things that make me go “Hmm…”

  1. I know what you mean about that show Extreme Couponers. If people spent that much on all that stuff, at least donate it to people in need and keep the bear minimum for your household.

    But I honestly think that show is simply pointless. Kinda like My Strange Addiction



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