War Zone Renovations

Wednesday night, Kyle and I started talking about doing a little bit of renovations to our place. We don’t really plan on selling any time in the near future, but why not make it more enjoyable for ourselves? (FYI: There are four units in our complex for sale and not one of them seems to have gained anyone’s interest!)

Anyway, what started as a chit-chat turned into reality when we went to Home Depot to “browse” and came out with paint swatches and a pretty good idea of what kind of new flooring we wanted!

So, now my house looks a little bit like a war zone with all of the stuff in our computer rooms tossed into the spare bedroom, the carpet ripped up, the door jam removed and the walls prepped for painting! We’re planning on eventually turning the computer room into the baby’s room whenever that life-altering event occurs ;)

Oh, and Kyle also Hung a floating shelf in the living room for me, so now my plant that sat on our coffee table isn’t blocking our view, and I have a place to put our favourite wedding photo. Yay! I have such a handy husband!

I plan on documenting the changes as we go along, so for now I’ll show you the “Before” photos. For the record, they were taken at about 7:30 a.m. with partial sun shining through the window, with no editing. And the colour before was a dull, gross white.

Also, if there’s any typo’s in this post, blame the fact that I’m blogging from my phone. Hurray for the WordPress for Android app! (I’m going to reread this at home for errors and insert the photos.)

So, have you done any reno’s lately? If you haven’t done any, do you have plans/desires to?

4 thoughts on “War Zone Renovations

  1. We’re in the process of fixing our place up so we can hopefully sell it – painting (the same colour it already is, a really blah shade of green), redoing the baseboards and hardwood our dog ate, stuff like that :) I really regret not making our place more “ours” while we lived here, but we were too lazy to do much decorating until NOW – three years after we’ve lived here. Yes, we’re sad.


  2. I will NEVER paint a house again after we painted ours before moving in. The upstairs is awesome but you can tell we were getting exhausted by the time you get to the bottom floor because it’s a bit sloppy. Hehe. Seriously though, if we ever buy a house and have to paint the whole thing again I will find the money to hire someone!

    We want to completely re-do our own bathroom this fall and then put a new stand-up shower in the other bathroom. Next summer we want to rebuild our deck. Eventually I’d like to put new carpet on the stairs as the carpet we have there is pretty gross (but maybe it just needs a good cleaning?) and new flooring in the kitchen. MAYBE new flooring throughout the house but that would be the very last project we do as we have pretty good flooring right now.

    Good luck with the reno’s!! Can’t wait to see after pics!


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