WTW: The Reception

Finally, the last post in my WTW series!

What can you say about wedding receptions? In my mind, they’re almost all the same: You eat, make toasts, dance the night away, and go home drunk and merry. Well, if you’re a guest, you do. For Kyle and I, we were whisked away married. (See what I did there? Merry? Married? *snort* Moving on …)

By the time our reception came rolling around, Kyle and I were able to relax a little and catch our breaths. Between the ceremony and photo taking, we were just ready to eat!

Really, our reception was perfect. The decorations were gorgeous thanks to my wonderful mom, grandma, step-grandma and bridesmaids, the food was perfect, and no one fought. The toasts were tear-worthy, the jokes were hilarious, and I couldn’t have been happier with the way everything turned out. I never dreamed of what my wedding would be like growing up, but the way the day went down, I’m sure that’s what I would’ve wanted.

After the reception was winding down and my guests were good and tipsy, Kyle and I made our getaway to an amazing inn just outside of town courtesy of my step-dad. The limo ride out was perfect – calm, quiet, peaceful – and we couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the night. There was a lot of “I can’t believe we’re finally married” comments back and forth between the two of us. Sometimes it’s still so surreal.

So that concludes my Wedding-Talk Wednesday posts. I hope you enjoyed reading about the months, days, and moments leading up to our “I Do’s”, because I’ve certainly enjoyed sharing. :)

And just an FYI: I’m now @KaraEvs on Twitter! I couldn’t get my complete last name, but this shall work just as well! No need to re-follow me; it’s not a new account! :)

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