Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite zoo to visit?

I really don’t have a zoo that I like to visit. Why? Because I haven’t been to a zoo in ages! I did enjoy the Calgary Zoo when I visited back in Grade 6. We do have a Wildlife Park here, but really, it just has local wildlife and it more touristy than anything? Want to see a moose while in Canada? Come to the BC Wildlife Park!

2. Do you visit a zoo very often?

lol – See my answer to question one!

3. Do you have a membership to a zoo?

No … :(

4. When you visit a zoo, do you stay all day or just an hour or two?

If I were to visit a zoo, it would depend on the zoo! Are there wildlife shows? Chances to hold/pet something? It would depend on what’s going on, and of course, the size of the zoo!

5. Do you buy food at the zoo or pack a picnic lunch?

Because I’m not nearly crafty enough, we’d be buying our lunches.

6. What is your favourite animal to see at the zoo?

I always liked the giraffes at the zoo! They’re soooo tall!

7. What is your least favourite animal to see at the zoo?

Monkeys. I’m convinced that they’ll probably throw poop at me.

8. What is your favourite memory of going to the zoo as a kid?

My grandpa telling some city-slicker that he was once no less than 20ft away from a cougar in the wild. I’m pretty sure the tourist was afraid for my grandpa’s life. Oh, and this was while we were “viewing” the cougar pen behind some plexi-glass

9. Do you visit the gift shop when you go to the zoo?

Usually, although I never buy anything because it’s all so overpriced, just like any gift shop. Although, I’m sure that when I have kids, that will be a whole different story. Over-priced stuffed hippo to shut the kid up? No problem!

10. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best and 1 being the worst) how nice is your city’s zoo?

I’d say a 6. It’s lacking in some areas, but it’s still pretty neat. Also – if you’ve never actually seen a moose before, check out the video in the link I posted for question one. It’s a female moose, but it’s pretty amusing! (I personally think that moose in the wild are suicidal as they like to run in front of your vehicle when you’re not paying attention)


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