I Scream, You Scream!

So a while ago, I won fabulous vanilla beans from Angela via Vanilla Food Company. This weekend, I finally made use to some of them!

And, if you couldn’t guess what I made by the title of this post, I made ICE CREAM!

Okay, I made it in my ice cream maker, but still. I put the ingredients together and whatnot, so in my mind, I made it.

I got the beans out of five vanilla pods by cutting them in half length-wise and then running the non-sharpened side of the blade to scrape out the beans. It made my fingers smell deliciously like vanilla!

Here’s a close-up of the beans:

Now, to really get the flavour out, apparently you heat them up on a stove in milk and whatnot, but I’m lazy and didn’t. Next time!

Then, I mixed up my milk and sugar until my sugar was all dissolved, then I added my heavy/whipping cream and the vanilla. Then I poured the mixture into my handy-dandy Cuisinart Ice Cream machine:

The machine is SO LOUD! Like, ridiculously loud. But – the end result? Delicious ice cream!

The vanilla beans really make it look so much more gourmet! I had a little taste already and it’s SO good! It’s now in the freezer hardening up. Can’t wait to have a bowl – and maybe I’ll share. No promises though!

Have you ever made home-made ice cream?

2 thoughts on “I Scream, You Scream!

  1. Vanilla beans just make things like ice cream taste so much better! Did you do anything with the pods? You can toss them in some sugar to make vanilla sugar. Delish!



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