It’s Friday!

Blah – Late posts in the day are going to be my thing I think. I just can’t get on top of my blogging lately. Blaaaaah.

Anyway! A list/bullet thing:

  • I made my own wedding coffee table through a company online. It was SUPER easy: Download the program, upload your photos to the progam, make your book, order, and done! Well, it came in the mail yesterday and:
  • Yeah, so after crying by myself and giving Daphne a hug, I sent the company an angry email and they’re working on sending me a new book ASAP. So HOPEFULLY my *new* book will arrive soon.
  • I’ve been working in my new position for a few weeks now and it’s still going oh-so-fabulous!
  • Our Marriage Certificate finally came in the mail after it being stuck in the middle of the postal strike. Yay! Now I can finally get my name changed on all my important documents. Like my Social Insurance card, driver’s license and banking information. Woo! It’s all kind of official now!
  • I got offered do do some fill-in reporting at work. Obviously I said yes! I’m pretty excited to get my first assignment, but hopefully it’s not something ridiculously beyond my skills. We’ll see how it goes!
  • I’m having a Girl’s Night Saturday and I’m pretty excited about it. Cheesy chick-flicks and yummy food – who could ask for more?
  • Oh – and I want to thank all you lovelies who commented and gave their feedback on my passworded post the other day. My mind is pretty calmed now :)
  • I have no exciting plans this weekend other than banking, returning my recyclables and the driving range with my dad. How boring am I?
Please, tell me you have a more exciting weekend planned than I!

5 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. You’re supposed to change your name on your SIN card? Oops … I’ve changed my name on everything except that and my Visa card … three years later …


    • Lol, I think that’s the one thing everyone forgets about! My coworker didn’t change hers until about 30 years after she got married! You just go to a Service Canada office with your marriage license and birth certificate to do it.


  2. Nope, mine involves adminny things like backing up my hard drive, going through holiday photos, doing two weeks of laundry and the like! Plus catching up with a couple of friends and going for a long overdue run…


  3. Whoohoo to a custom wedding book. Boo to the company that didn’t fullfil your order. I’m sure they will fix your problem ASAP. I can’t wait to see what the cover to your book looks like. Maybe one day, when I get married, I’ll have a book too. For now, I’ll live through yours. That’s not creepy, right?



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