I’m Spoiled

Kyle’s always been a little crazy when it comes to gift giving. (Not that I’m bragging) He’s also horrible at keeping surprises from me. So, as a result, I came home from work yesterday to this:

Taken with my cute little Sony Cybershot, lol

To try and surprise me, Kyle asked me to “help” him get something out of the back of his truck. We went outside and he said he was going to grab something for our little storage closet and asked me to open up the back door of his truck. When I did, this little beauty was sitting there waiting for me to love it! Oh man, do I ever!

So this is my early Birthday/Wedding present from Kyle, and I couldn’t be more excited! I can’t wait to (re)learn all the functions on it. I haven’t played with a DSLR since J-School, so it may take a while.

I’ve wanted a Nikon D90 forever – It’s like my dream camera, so for Kyle to get me one is sooooo amazing.

I’ll leave you with the first shot I took with her: (Yes, the camera is a “she”, and she still needs a name)

Of course I’d take it of Daphne!

Not bad for full-automatic mode! She’s looking a little scruffy though.

Do you have a dream camera?

5 thoughts on “I’m Spoiled

  1. Awesome!! I have had my D60 for almost 2 years now but definitely haven’t learned to use it to it’s full potential yet and shoot in automatic more than I would like.

    The quality of photos you can take on a DSLR aren’t comparable to anything else though, I love it!


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