Ten on Tuesday

1. What is the weather like in your city today?

It’s a mixed bag in Kamloops today! It was cloudy and a little windy when I first woke up, then it turned a little rainy, and now it’s sunny/cloudy. Ah, the joys of spring in Canada.

2. Do you like the zoo?

I haven’t been in AGES, but I love it! Where else do you get to see animals from far away places?

3. Do you eat coconut?

It’s not my favourite flavour, but I eat it sometimes, usually if it’s baked into something. If I have a choice, I pick something different though.

4. Have you ever hammered a nail? Are you good at it?

I have indeed. I wouldn’t call myself a pro, but I can hang a picture on the wall just fine. Swinging a sledgehammer, however, is a totally different story. “Laughable” is what Kyle would describe it as.

5. Does your family have a vacation destination that you visit often?

We don’t, but I’m okay with th.at for now. I’d love property on a lake someday, even it’s a cozy little cabin.

6. How many pillows do you sleep with?

One, and I only use just a little section of it, lol. I don’t understand people who need more than two pillows!

7. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Besides assassinating the alarm clock, usually I go pee, grab my newspaper and let the dog out.

8. Will you send your kids to summer camp?

If there’s one available, yes. I went to a science camp for a week and it was a lot of fun! I think it’s good for both the parents and the kids. Break from kids AND they get to learn. Woo!

9. What do you put in your baked potatoes?

Butter, sour cream, bacon bits and chives (when I have them). Delicious!

10. Did you take swimming lessons as a kid?

I did. I took them until I was in Grade 5 I think and then I lost interest. You can only tread water so many times before it gets boring. I’m glad I just know how to swim.

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