WTW: Opt Out

No, I’m not opting out of the wedding, lol.

I’ve decided to opt out of an “offical” WTW post today because frankly, I’m getting tired of talking about the wedding. I’m sure a lot of you are sick of reading about it too. You’re welcome.

The only wedding business I will address today is that I have my hair consultation appointment tonight and my bridal shower/bachelorette/birthday party this Saturday. Oh my word.

I have been ridiculously busy with life lately and I haven’t had much time to keep up on blogging. Hell, I didn’t get to my Ten on Tuesday post until yesterday afternoon. Normally I’m on that one like white on rice, flies on shit, etc., etc., etc. (Pardon my French, lol)

What else have I been up to? Well, Kyle and I planted some cedars, I helped a friend celebrate her 19th birthday, I’ve been working my BUTT off, and I voted. I could try and write a political-based post, but I’m not poli-savvy in any way, so I’m not going to bother. (Well, I’m a little savvy, but not savvy enough to write an entire post on politics, yah know?)

I also just took on a ridiculous amount of freelance work that’s due in a week. That may or may not have a good idea. Oh well. Money is always fun to have, especially because of the wedding.

Let’s go back to this Bachelorette/Bridal Shower/Birthday thing. It’s all happening on the same day (Saturday) because my work schedule is ridiculous and I booked my birthday off from Job #2 because, well, I don’t want to work on my birthday if I don’t have to. Since it’s conveniently one month away from the wedding, it happens to also be the perfect time for the “let’s get the bride to be regrettably drunk” party.  So, it’s a 3-in-one event. Unfortunately my maids won’t all be able to attend, but such is life when you have careers and babies I guess. I’m sure C did a fabulous job planning everything – I have no idea what’s in store! So, if I drop off the face of the blog and Twitter, I’m obviously passed out and sunburnt on the roof of some hotel. (No Hangover reference whatsoever, I swear)

That’s all I got. Time to do important stuff. Like stress.

What are YOU opting out of today?

3 thoughts on “WTW: Opt Out

  1. I’m opting out of working hard. Except probably not ’cause I’m tired of my co-workers catching me on Google Reader… I only go o for like 30 seconds at a time but they always happen to be right behind me! Gah!



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