Seven Quick Takes

 1. Kyle and I got our Marriage License yesterday. Oh my jeebus, it’s getting real! Especially when the woman at Service BC told me which paperwork I needed to bring to them to change my name. Holy moly! I’m now all excited/stressed/nervous even more!

2. My mom and I went and watched Water for Elephants last night. I enjoyed the movie, but I think I enjoyed the book more. (Isn’t that always the case though?) But, overall, I think it was a good adaptation of the book. I’m okay with the fact that the left out Uncle Al (I think that was his name?) and I liked that they left Barbara in.

On a random side note to being at the movies with my mom: I had a huge pang of anxiety/panic and felt like I needed to go home and BE at home, even though Kyle wasn’t home and nothing was wrong. It was weird since I’ve never had that kind of an anxiety attack before. Anyway, I got through the movie and rushed home, and of course, Daphne greeted me as always with her big, dumb smile and all was well again.

3. My birthday is tomorrow. 25! I’m getting so old. Seriously. Quarter Centennial!

4. It’s been determined that I cannot BBQ to save my life. For realz. I think there’s a reason why the grill is a man’s domain. Last week I set the thing ablaze cooking steaks. Last night it was hamburgers. Earlier this spring it was ribs. I just can’t get the hang of it. Probably because there’s fire. (I hate fire) And it’s needy and demands attention. I’m good at casseroles that you toss in the oven for 30 minutes. Oh well.

5. I picked up some quick & dirty freelance work short notice, which I thought was going to be a manageable 3 or 4 stories which turned into 7 stories. I panicked, already stressed about wedding shiz, and got my list cut down to 3 stories. Whew. And THANK YOU to the lovely fellow freelance who picked up my slack. (You know who you are!) I owe you! :) My brain is so frazzled.

6. I’ve discovered that I’ve stopped myself from making this a wedding themed Seven Quick Takes at least a 1/2 dozen times now. My brain hurts.

7. I haven’t been to the gym in over a month. Whoops. I need to get my butt back in gear. We’ll see how that pans out. Maybe after the wedding. I just don’t have the energy to go right now. I work my ass off worrying about wedding stuff that I’m exhausted by the end of the day. I’ll get back in the gym to fight off that wedding “bliss” weight I’ve heard oh-so-much about.

Happy Friday everyone! What are some of your “takes”?


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