Hockey Brain


Oh my word – if you couldn’t tell by my Tweets Tuesday night, there was a VERY IMPORTANT hockey game on:

I’ll apologize now for the ridiculous amount of hockey tweets, but Game 7 means business in my household, and we were playing our arch nemesis. I can’t even give you another sports’ comparison because I don’t follow any other sports. Sorry.

 I’ve had hockey on the brain since the beginning of the playoffs. The Vancouver Canucks are my favourite team ALWAYS. No bandwagon here, I’m going down with the ship.

And you know what’s annoying? The haters. Especially the ones who say Canucks’ fans are the worst fans. How are we the worst? Because we love our team no matter what? Because we believe in them even though we’ve never won the Cup?

I really don’t understand people who hate on other teams so much. So what if your team got beat? I know the Canucks don’t have a great playoff record. Do I want them to win the Cup? Of course! Will they win the Cup this year? Only time will tell.

Anyway, I’ll try not to bombard you on the Twitter with hockey-related Tweets for the next round of the playoffs, but no promises. ;)

Do you follow hockey? (Any hockey?) Who are you cheering for?

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