WTW: One Last List

How the stinkin’ hell did my wedding date end up being less than six weeks away? Whoa there Bessy, let’s slow that train down just a second here!

I’m in that special place in wedding planning right now where I’m both nervous and excited. Let’s add stressed out in the mix too because well, who wouldn’t be when planning their wedding?

There’s a LOT of stuff I’ve happily accomplished all. by. myself. GO ME! (Seriously, as a procrastinator, that’s HUGE.) Who would’ve thought I wouldn’t break down into tears while trying to glue together my invitations or printing and tearing my favour tags? I no longer want to bang my head off a table every other day, now it’s just a once-a-week feeling.

But – There’s still quiet a bit that needs to get done. Hence the title of this post. I present to you one final pre-wedding list. Or at least I think it will be the final one. No promises though, I’m flaky like that.

  • I’ve yet to find vases for my centerpieces. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit up the local dollar stores sometimes soon and find what I need. No sense in going to the craft store and getting them. $6 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a bunch of vases I’ll use once.
  • Apparently I need bridal jewelery? I’ve already had arguments with my mom over what to wear in my ears on my wedding day. She doesn’t want my big ol’ ½” holes showing and wants me to wear plugs. I’d be happy with tunnels because they’re who I am. Kyle wants me to just stick with the stainless steel ones I always wear. Decisions, decisions!
  • I am terrified for my Bachelorette/Bridal Shower. Everyone keeps telling me it will be fun and I’ll love it, but I’m SCURRED.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to be checking out the hall for the reception and hopefully finding packaging for the favours. Woo!
  • We still don’t know where to have our gift opening shing-dig. I was just hoping no one would buy us actual presents. Apparently this isn’t going to happen, so we need to think of something.
  • We *may* have found a place for the rehearsal dinner. Kyle’s uncle knows the owner of one of the “better” restaurants in town and may be able to get us a deal on a buffet or something like that. Fingers crossed!
  • We’ve yet to go get our marriage license. I’m thinking we’ll do that next week. Then we’ll have to meet with the Marriage Commissioner to decide what kind of ceremony we want to have. I’m aiming for simple, not too romantic but to too casual. And absolutely no saying the words, “Speak now or forever hold your peace …” Ugh.
  • I’m also pretty sure I have to meet with the photographer again.
  • I’m also ALSO pretty sure there’s more to this list than what I can think of.
So there. The final(ish) list. We’ll see how much more I add onto that!
What’s on YOUR list? (Wedding or not)

6 thoughts on “WTW: One Last List

  1. Only 6 weeks left? Wow, it’s coming up fast :D We got vases for our centerpieces at Ikea – they weren’t too expensive! And we had our rehearsal dinner at Swiss Chalet, lol …


  2. Oh my gosh, this wedding of yours is sneaking up on you quick! The next 6 ish weeks sound like they’re going to fly by!
    I’d say just have the gift opening ceremony at your house so you don’t have to lug all those presents around!


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