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Weekend Update

So I worked pretty much the entire weekend at the grocery store. My feet hurt and I just want to sleep!

I got to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and they were pretty awesome! A little drawn out, but still cool. Now I’m watching the new episode of The Simpsons, where they go to Vancouver to curl in the games, lol. Full of wonderful stereotypes, such as beavers, lumberjacks and Inuit.

In other awesome news, I received the Sunshine Award from Angela over at Craving Cupcakes! My first bloggy award! Yay!


I’m supposed to follow these rules:
1. Put the award on your blog (on the sidebar or in one of your posts)
2. Pass it on to 6 fellow bloggers and let them know they have received it
3. Share the love & provide a link back to the person from whom you’ve received it
4. Bask in the warm sunshine of your new found fame

So here’s my six bloggers!

  1. Melissa at I Can Has Good Grammar
  2. Amber at Girl With the Red Hair
  3. Chelsea at Roots and Rings
  4. Kyla at Kyla Roma
  5. Holly at Scattered Words
  6. Amber at A Little Pink in the Cornfields

Generally I don’t do chain mailish  things, but since there’s nothing telling me that my true love will call at midnight or something really good is going to happen, I’d figure I’d keep the love going.

So I hope everyone had a good weekend! And WTF with the Olympic “protesters” on Saturday? Idiots …

What’s in My Purse?

Idea from Angela at Craving Cupcakes

They say the content of a woman’s purse is a mystery. (Okay, maybe they don’t say that, but sometimes you gotta wonder!) It seems like I have a lot of stuff in my purse, but it’s a big freaking purse!

  1. Tampons. Yeah. We’ll get that one out of the way early, shall we? At least they’re hidden in an awesome case!
  2. Re-usable cloth bag from Target. My grandma gave it to me. I actually use it, except for when I’m actually grocery shopping. Heh.
  3. Tide To-Go pen. Accidents happen.
  4. Advil. Headaches happen.
  5. Hair brush. You gotta keep the mane tame!
  6. Change purse. I keep my change for parking in this bad boy (girl?)
  7. Wallet. My mom gave this to me for Christmas a couple years ago. Very rarely does it actually contain money. My boss has the matching purse, lol.
  8. Kleenex. My nose runs a lot.
  9. Allergy pills. Just in casei have an allergic reaction to anything random.
  10. Sunglasses. They used to be in a little cloth pouch, but they fell out all the time. I bought this bad boy to keep them from getting scratched.
  11. Halls. I had a cold and my throat was soooore. Cherry Halls to the rescue!
  12. Lemongrass lotion. I got this at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver. Smells SOOO good :)
  13. Hand sanitizer. Things are gross. Hands get dirty. Problem solved!
  14. Cellphone. It’s an LG Rumour. Shazam!
  15. Swedish Berries & hair elastic. I took the berries to work but didn’t eat them all. The elastic kept the berries from escaping into the abyss of my purse.
  16. A pen. You know, for writing stuff.
  17. A notepad. Sometimes I leave love letters on people’s windshields.
  18. Gum! Fresh breath is nice to have, and it apparently strengthens the enamel on my teeth. Win-win!
  19. Work keys and USB memory stick. Also attached is a Canucks bottle opener.
  20. Chapstick. A must-have!
  21. TRU lanyard and all my other keys. They include house, car and truck.
  22. Some random receipt. Not too sure where it’s from. Movie theatre maybe?
  23. Earplugs. Not so I don’t have to listen to people, but so I don’t go deaf at the gun range. Heh heh.

So, what kind of surprises are in YOUR bag, hmm?