30 Day Blogging Challenge/Day 1

So a while ago when I made my 96 in 1096 list, I’d say I take part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and blog every day for a month. Since Amber started the challenge a couple weeks ago and there’s 30 days in November, I figured I may as well start the challenge myself!

So here’s Day 1: Introduction, a recent picture, and 15 interesting facts

So, as an intro, I’d like to say that I have no idea why I really started blogging. It all started out as a project for one of my journalism courses and I just going with it ever since. What else? I’m 24, Canadian and a freelance writer.

As for a recent photo, this is all I got:

I don’t really have photos of myself taken and am extremely picky when it comes to taking photos of myself. This one is about 3 weeks old, maybe more.

15 interesting facts:

  1. I hate the sound of styrofoam.
  2. I have three jobs: A day job (Job #1), an evening/weekend job (Job #2), and a freelance writing job (Job #3). All three manage to keep me busy enough to lose my bloody mind from time to time.
  3. I really wish everyday was Casual Friday at Job #1. I hate having to wear dress pants.
  4. I have had the same basic hairstyle since Grade 10: Straight with some layers, parted right down the middle. I’m experimenting with a side-part right now and may even get bangs (which I haven’t had since Grade 7) when my hair gets longer.
  5. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost eight years and we’re technically a common-law couple. It’s a little weird to hear, but oh-so grown-up!
  6. I had braces when I was younger and after they were removed, I always took my retainer out in my sleep. (The orthodontist never told me to wear it during the day either!) Needless to say, my teeth are a little crooked again and my dentist wants to get braces again. Hell no!
  7. At Job #1 I’m the second youngest employee (by a long shot) and at Job #2 I’m one of the oldest junior cashiers. It’s sad.
  8. I really want a cat but I’m horribly allergic.
  9. I hate having long fingernails.
  10. I’m not a nail chewer.
  11. Sometimes I think I have the smallest bladder in the world. If/when I’m pregnant, I may consider just wearing Depends.
  12. People constantly think my step-brother is my real brother, even though we look nothing alike. (My real brother and I do)
  13. I can be nauseously friendly when I have to be but a bitch when I need to be. I’m the perfect Customer Service representative.
  14. I really wish my best friend lived closer to Kamloops instead of 14 hours away.
  15. I love reading. LOVE IT.

So there’s Day 1! Tomorrow: The meaning behind my blog’s name

Progress Report: 96 in 1096

Back in May, I started my 96 in 1096 list. I won’t go into details, but you can check it out here.


Since Kyle and I are in the process of buying a house, we’ve slowly started decluttering our possessions. As it turns out, we have a lot of junk! I figured it would be a good chance for me to knock off one of the items on my 96 in 1096 list: Put my old CD’s onto the computer and get rid of the CD’s.

I didn’t put all of my old CD’s onto my computer, because I really don’t think my hard drive could handle it. I did, however, select a couple gems off of a few different CD’s and was done with it.

It was actually quite amusing looking at all my old CD’s. I mean, how can you not chuckle when your very first album was this:

Oh Nick, how I swooned for you!

I was such a huge fan of the boy bands: Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC, 98 Degrees, Five. And then there was Savage Garden, Ricky Martin, Spice Girls, Aqua … The crazy list of tweeny pop goes on! Then in high school, it was all about the rock and rap. I had Eminem, Ja Rule, Limp Bizkit  and more.

All of my old CD are going to goodwill, as is a collection of various other goods. It felt good to declutter a little bit!

Do you remember what your first album/CD was?

Progress Report: 96 in 1096

Last month, I started my 96 in 1096 list. I won’t go into details, but you can check it out here.


After a weekend of shopping, I realized that I have way too many clothes. I had ZERO hangers available in my closet. I searched Kyle’s closet and he didn’t have any either. Dammit. Cue my 96 in 1096 list!

One of my things to do was to organize and clean out my closet. I don’t know how long it will last since I love clothes, but I did it! Here’s a before picture:

I didn’t even have room to hang my work clothes up. The shoe boxes are storage, not shoes, and that big green case is my gun safe. (Yeah, yeah, I know, hillbilly FTW.)  The shelving unit in the middle had a mix of shorts and junk. Basically, it was a mess. It even leaked out onto the back of my door because my sweaters didn’t fit in the closet:

Basically, the story is: What I moved in with Kyle I left my giant walk-in closet behind but brought my walk-in closet sized wardrobe. That was a problem, so on Monday I tried to tidy up my closet a bit. I tossed out anything I hadn’t worn in more than 6 months (not including my dresses and summer stuff). I now have a huge garbage bag full of clothes to take to charity.

Here’s my closet now:

Not too shabby, right? And the great thing? I have SOOO many free hangers! I even donated some to Kyle’s closet. I rolled up my shorts to make more space and threw out a bunch of the junk. I designated the top left section for my work clothes and the bottom left section for after work/weekend clothes. The right side is for my sweaters and more jeans. I just wish that cleaning out my closet was as fun as Carrie and the girls make it look in the original SITC movie.

Photo from here

Happy Wednesday!