Progress Report: 96 in 1096

Back in May, I started my 96 in 1096 list. I won’t go into details, but you can check it out here.


Since Kyle and I are in the process of buying a house, we’ve slowly started decluttering our possessions. As it turns out, we have a lot of junk! I figured it would be a good chance for me to knock off one of the items on my 96 in 1096 list: Put my old CD’s onto the computer and get rid of the CD’s.

I didn’t put all of my old CD’s onto my computer, because I really don’t think my hard drive could handle it. I did, however, select a couple gems off of a few different CD’s and was done with it.

It was actually quite amusing looking at all my old CD’s. I mean, how can you not chuckle when your very first album was this:

Oh Nick, how I swooned for you!

I was such a huge fan of the boy bands: Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC, 98 Degrees, Five. And then there was Savage Garden, Ricky Martin, Spice Girls, Aqua … The crazy list of tweeny pop goes on! Then in high school, it was all about the rock and rap. I had Eminem, Ja Rule, Limp Bizkit  and more.

All of my old CD are going to goodwill, as is a collection of various other goods. It felt good to declutter a little bit!

Do you remember what your first album/CD was?

3 thoughts on “Progress Report: 96 in 1096

  1. My first CD was the Backstreet Boys too. I’m actually seeing them in a couple of weeks, reliving my childhood and all that. And yes, I’m bringing my husband :D Last time he knew more of the songs than I did!


  2. I was a die hard fan of Brian. He was just sooo good looking. (Well, at least to the young me that is).
    I may or may not have a few of the old BSB songs on my iPod right now…



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