Career vs. Job

The other day, as I muttered that I hate Job #2, my friend C (who’s dating the Roommate) told me that I should hate Job #1 and like Job #2. I asked her why should I, when Job #1 is my career and Job #2 is the supplemental job.

My career (Job #1) is what I went to school for. I enjoy my work there and know that I’ll eventually get a position within the company that I’ve dreamt of doing, be it writing, layout or something similar. I don’t hate my work there by any means. I don’t have to work weekends or evenings. I don’t have to fight with 20 other coworkers for a day off.

My side job (Job #2) is my ball and chain, so to speak. It ties me down and all I want to do is run away from it screaming, but I can’t. I need it to survive. I’d living less comfortably if I didn’t have it. I hate mostly everything about it: The drama, the immaturity of some of my co-workers, the union B.S. and so on. (Job #1 is union too but it’s far less political than #2). What keeps me sane at this place is a few select coworkers who make me smile and the paycheck I get at the end of every week.

Maybe what also makes me loathe Job #2 is the fact that I’ve already quit and restarted twice. The first time was for a better paying summer position and the second time was because I got a career job but then my hours there were cut and I needed a supplemental income. Every time I think I’m done working there, something drags me back. I’m just waiting for the day I can finally say “Sayonara!” to that place.

I haven’t had a full day off of work since July 1, although I get one on Saturday (although I asked for the whole weekend off of Job #2 to go to Vancouver, but didn’t get the time, another reason why I hate that place) and then again on the 7th (same story).

Job #2 is wearing me out, making me more cranky and bitter than someone my age should be, and just plain old horrible. That’s why I don’t like it. That’s why I love Job #1, my career, so it’s not really a job at all.

5 thoughts on “Career vs. Job

  1. I hear ya! Luckily with my full-time JOB and my side-job I love them both. Side job = freelance work though so it’s not as steady as a regular side job would be. Then again, I get to work when I WANT to and in my PJ’s so that’s helpful!

    FYI, I’ve been making about $200 extra dollars a month writing for Demand Studios. You might want to look into it. You get $15/article and could totally make more than $200 a month if you had the time, I just don’t have the time to write more than 2-3 articles a week with my other freelance work too.

    Something to think about :) Might be the sweet escape you need from Job #2!!


    • Thanks for the tip! I may have to check that out. It wouldn’t hurt to keep my writing from getting rusty. And you can’t say no to working in your pajamas.


  2. Most of my friends are still at uni and still working at the same local supermarket.

    I don’t understand her reasoning. Why did she say you should hate Job 1 (your career job?)



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