Seven Quick Takes

So I figure I’d do 7 Quick Takes today, since I have a zillion + 1 things to say but no desire to write a separate post about each one. Here we go!

~ 1 ~

Our paperwork has all been cleared and Kyle and I are now officially HOMEOWNERS! *insert happy dance here* We take possession on September 3rd, so that gives us about a month do organize, pack and shop for things our little home will need. I’m a little excited about the shopping part, not going to lie! I have a feeling the month is going to either drag on forever or go by quickly. I can’t figure it out! The paperwork seemed to take forever.


I was able to cross off another thing to do on my 96 in 1096 list yesterday: Play a team sport! Kyle broke his finger back in June and he had just signed up to play slo-pitch in a beer league with the Roommate. Instead of taking back his sign-up fee, I took his place! The last game was last night, and I’m kind of going to miss playing! I’ll definitely see about signing up again next season.


One of my BFF’s just broke up with her boyfriend – again – for the zillionth time. (Okay, maybe the 8th time?) I wish I could just tell her that the relationship is poisonous, but I just can’t. The killer thing? They JUST moved in together for the 2nd time (The last time they moved in together they broke up too) AND they signed a lease on the apartment. Ugh. I can’t keep up with that girl. I may sound like a horrible friend, but I’ve stopped caring when they break up. I can’t only sympathize for someone so many times when it’s the same guy. After a certain point, you’d think it’d be common sense not to pursuit the relationship again. Am I wrong for not caring anymore?

Random post-draft update: Apparently they’re not broken up? I’m confused … I give up. I haven’t dealt with something this dramatic ever. Not even in high school. But I went to a boring (for the most part) high school. Moving on …


Oh! Because I’m getting my own house, you know what that means? I don’t have to deal with Edith anymore! Yay! Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to go buy the vacuum of my dreams. Okay, maybe not of my dreams, because I’d loooove a Dyson vacuum, but I can’t spend $600 on a vacuum. But there’s a decent one on sale at Wal-Mart for $80, so that’ll do! Goodbye Edith! I won’t miss you!


I subscribe to Cosmopolitan and it  took FOREVER for my magazine to get here this month. I seriously thought that it wasn’t going to be delivered and was 100% ready to write a “What the Hell??” email to Hearst Magazines and demand an explanation. THEN! My book that I ordered, “Stay” by Allie Larkin, arrived and I was super stoked since it only took 3 days to get here. (Gotta love XpressPost!) I was so distracted by the quick arrival of my book that I didn’t even notice that my magazine was tucked under the book in my mailbox. Woo! It was like Christmas.


I have my first full day off of work since Canada Day tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! I had originally asked for the whole weekend off to go to Vancouver for a family reunion (on my Dad’s side of the family) but my boss only gave me one flippin’ day. Since I can’t go to Vancouver and back in one day (and because the family dinner is on Sunday) I’m just going to enjoy the day. Kyle and I are thinking about taking the dogs for a hike, or maybe to the dog beach.  As long as I enjoy the day! Maybe we’ll celebrate buying a house finally since the paperwork is done.


Kamloops had its first close-call wildfire the other day and it was scary-close to burning down homes. People were put on evacuation notice (but not actually evacuated). It seems to be a common occurrence in B.C. during the summer, and it shouldn’t be. The majority of the time the fires are started by people being careless – a discarded cigarette butt out a window or an unattended campfire. There’s now a campfire ban in the Kamloops area, two weeks before we’re suppose to go camping, but if that means I’m not going to accidentally burn the city down, I’m okay with that!

Have an awesome weekend guys!

6 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. Gah, your boss sucks! I hate when workplaces are so inflexible.

    Congrats on the house!

    I know a little bit what it’s like to have friends like that. I have little patience for it.

    Finally, your work schedule sounds crazy! Soon I’m not going to have any days off that coincide with the boy’s (annoying) but can’t imagine working 7 days.



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