Bloggerstock: Potential Postcards

Hey All! Today’s post is from Coyote Rose for Bloggerstock. It’s posted for your reading pleasure below:


So the Bloggerstock theme this month was: “If you could write ONE postcard to any person (living or dead), who would you write to, what would you say, and where would the postcard be from?”

And i thought long and hard about it. I mean there are dozens of people i would like to write too. But when it came down to it Marie Antoinette was the winner.

Why would i want to write to a spoiled, pompous queen, who cheated on her husband and ultimately got beheaded?

Because I feel sorry for her. For those who read my blog, you know that I have my masters in European History. One of the very first papers I wrote was about Marie Antoinette and her influence on French Politics. I was using a book of translated letters between Marie Antoinette, Her Mother the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and the Austrian Minister in France, Comte De Mercy-Argenteau. The poor little Austrian Princess Marie was married to her second cousin and shipped off to France at the age of 15. I mean can you imagine being carted off to a foreign country, where you barely know the language and married to a chubby, smelly arrogant, toe-rag of a french boy at the age of 15? I mean it kinda sucked for her.

Plus her mother was a total tyrant. The Empress Maria Theresa had spies watching Marie every hour of every day. The poor girl couldn’t sneeze without her mother having an opinion about it. Furthermore, mommy-dearest was trying to use her daughter to gain political control in France. I mean Maria Theresa basically told her daughter to pitch a hissy fit when it looked like France was going to go to war with Austria. She would have told her daughter to withhold sex, but Louis XVI had some sort of sexual dysfunction, so Marie barely slept with him anyways.

Anyways, I would send poor little rich girl, Marie Antoinette, the postcard above from present day Versailles with the note:

Love what you did with the Palace, but take a long vacation to Austria in the beginning of July 1789 otherwise you just might lose your head.
~ Kisses,
Coyote Rose


You can read my post over on RainieY’s blog here and read what the postcard says here. (The last I check the link wasn’t properly working on RainieY’s page.)

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