Weekend Update

Whew, what a weekend!

If I could make any recommendations, it would be to NOT have kids three years apart to nearly the day. Isla and Norah’s birthdays are six days apart and so this weekend was all about celebrating.

It was Norah’s 2nd birthday! We decided to have family over for a birthday barbecue to keep things simple(r) and she had plenty of fun.

That helium ballon? She’s OBSESSED and has been dragging it around the house like it’s an appendage.


Kyle and I got her a balance bike and while she seeeeems like she’s enjoying it in that photo, when we took her outside on Sunday to give it a go there were tears galore. Mind you, it was hot and she had just woke up from a nap soooo … probably not the best idea in the world. We’ll give it another try when it’s a bit cooler and she’s in a better mood, lol.

Saturday was Isla’s birthday party day! We opted to have hers the weekend before her birthday since the weekend after is Canada Day. She asked a while ago to have a bowling party, and since she’s obsessed with everything Moana we went with that “theme.” (Which really was a cake with blue-ish frosting, invites with Moana and Maui on them, and Heart of Te Fiti cookies as favours for her guests.)


I did not make these, FYI.

While her party was small she had a ton of fun with her friends. We lucked out and the bowling alley had all the glow and disco lights on, which didn’t cost us any extra. Woo!

After her party we had some friends over for dinner and we hung out outside. I don’t know what it was, but I had some crazy allergic reaction to something and my right eye got super swollen. It went down a little after I took an allergy pill, but it was so uncomfortable.

It was a fairly “routine” day. Kyle went for a quick run in the morning as he’s training for his first half-marathon next month, so while he was doing that I took the girls grocery shopping with me.

After lunch Norah had a nap and I helped Isla work on a Lego set she got for her birthday. I forgot how much fun Lego is, but also how nit-picky I can be because trying to get an almost-5-year old to follow instructions is HARRRRD.

When Norah got up from her nap we had that whole balance bike incident as mentioned above, so we opted to just play in the backyard for a bit before I had to go to slo-pitch. Isla tagged along with me and had fun playing with the other kids at the field, and Norah got to have some quality Gamma time without her sister ;)

Now it’s Monday and I’m still SO exhausted from the weekend. I think it’s a double-mug-o-coffee kind of day.

How was your weekend???

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I feel you on the close birthdays. My oldest and middle kids are March 30 and April 2nd, almost exactly two years apart. My son’s due date was actually the 30th lol, so it’s nice he gave us an extra few days. (Side note: my mother’s birthday is the 31st of March and I’m April 1st, so we have four birthdays in a row.) If the girls are into it, we did joint parties until this kids hit grade three or so to minimize the hours of party chaos into one three to four hour block. Also, it’s a lot of cake in a short amount of time!!!
    Well done on the execution of the weekend though :)


  2. So of our 5 nieces and nephews, 4 of them have birthdays between June 8 – July 1! They are June 8, July 24, July 27, July 1. It’s a BIT crazy to say the least and I feel super bad for my sister-in-law this time of year. I personally think I would just have a big joint party for the girls, let my nephew do something low key and call it good. But she tries to do something special / separate for each kid. The moana themed cookies look so yummy! I still haven’t seen that movie yet but I want to.


    • It’s coming to Netflix! (Or maybe it’s already on?) Now’s your chance, lol! But really, it’s a super cute movie and I’m addicted to the songs.
      I thought I’d have a joint party for the kids, but Isla has friends now and I know eventually she won’t want Norah tagging along. I don’t want to start a traditional that could cause headaches and drama in the future ;)


  3. What a busy weekend of birthday celebrations! Kids’ birthday parties have to be SO exhausting. It probably felt nice to get away for slopitch at the end of it all, haha.



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