Reading // Nothing. I’ve been busy baking, wrapping presents, and running around like a crazy woman, I haven’t had time to sit down and read at all! Shame on me :(

Watching // A lot of mid-season finales! This is Us is probably my new favourite show. (Sorry, Grey’s, but you’re getting a little repetitive…) And of course, I watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and have so many mixed feelings about it!

Listening to // A little Christmas music here and there! I’m loving Pentatonix’s Christmas album, and of course, Michael Buble is always on my playlist!

Loving // My lovely Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap package that I received from Jenny! I’m looking forward to hanging the reindeer and tree ornaments on our tree once we get it this weekend, and the chocolate is SO good and most definitely needed ;) I’ll probably devour it while putting the face mask to use this weekend. Thanks, Jenny!!!


Thinking // About some new dinner ideas. I feel like we’re on repeat in the kitchen and it’s hard to find new recipes that meets everyone’s dietary needs and desires.

Needing // Warmth! We’re going to a cold snap right now and it’s ridiculous! As I write this post it’s -14°C/7°F plus a wind chill and it’s no fun. Yuck.

Anticipating // My tattoo appointment on Saturday! Time to get something to honour Norah ;)

Looking forward to // Christmas tree hunting, birthday parties, and family time for the holidays!

What’s one of your family’s favourite meals? Help a mom out! ;)

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