TGIF v.42

A high of the week was getting all of my Christmas cookies baked, packaged and delivered! Isla and I made cookies for her teachers at preschool, her dance instructor, and our neighbour, and we delivered them all over the past couple of days. She was very proud to hand them out!

I also got my new tattoo on Saturday, and while it’s gross and flaky and SO ITCHY right now, I’m just in love with it! It’s a little bear in honour of Norah. Last winter when she was still pretty small she had these little hooded fleece onesies with bear ears on top, and Kyle and I would call her NorBear. It kind of just made sense to get a bear tattoo for her since Isla has a chicken. :)


A low of the week was we’re all getting over colds and Norah is teething (bloody eye teeth) and sleep has been overrated. Isla had a bit of an ear infection along with an awful cold and she shared all that love throughout the house. Hurray! She’s on the mend but the rest of us are just feeling blah.

An internet find I loved was Bruno Mars doing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. ‘Nuff said:

The best money I spent was $15 on a cool mist humidifier I found on the local mom swap Facebook page. With both girls being under the weather and stuffed up it only made sense to invest in another one, and the one I got just so happens to be the same as the one we already have. No fighting! Yay!

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was in relation to Isla’s Christmas goodies for her preschool teachers: She told me she has three teachers, then told me their names, so I made sure that we had cards and cookies for each of them. As it turns out, one of the teachers is actually “just” an assistant who bounces from room to room, but she’s there frequently enough for Isla to recognize her as an actual teacher. Isla gave “Miss K” her present and she seemed so surprised; as I was about the leave Miss K came over to me and thanked me – Apparently because she bounces from class to class she gets overlooked when it comes to Christmas and end-of-the-year gifts, so she was touched that she was recognized. I’m glad Isla helped make her day a bit more merry!


A song that has been stuck in my head is “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too keen on “Perfect Illusion” but this one is more my pace. I’ve always been a fan and I’m glad she’s back recording again.

Also, I’m going to hate myself a little for admitting it, but Isla’s been wanting me to play “Let it Go” (yes, THAT song) over and over and as a result it’s stuck in my head too. I get in trouble from Isla when I sing along to it though; apparently it’s only for HER to sing ;)

My meals of the week were a big ol’ snore fest. Sausages, fried chicken, meatballs and I can’t even for the life of me remember what I made on Monday. Ugh.

My plans for the weekend are adulting hard at our financial advisement appointment, visiting with Kyle’s dad who’s coming for the night on Saturday, and relaxing as Kyle starts his Christmas holidays today!

What are your weekend plans?
What’s your favourite Christmastime treat?


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