Basement renovation!

Back in the summer Kyle and I searched high and low for a new house. While our current space works, there were a lot of things that we still wanted in a home that this one wasn’t giving us. We did find a house, but as luck would have it we lost out in the end and we were left in a “Well, now what?” situation.

So, we figured that we’d stick around here for a bit longer and make this house a bit more usable, mainly in the basement.

While our basement was a decent size, we barely spend any time down there. The exercise equipment was occupying our front den and the rec room was unused for the most part other than sending Isla down to watch a movie. There was also a storage room that we kept our extra dry goods in and some other junk, but really, it was a waste of space.

So, we decided that we’d take out that storage room, rip out the carpet, and create something a bit more welcoming and more enticing to use! A friend I play slo-pitch with just so happens to be a carpenter by trade and he was more than happy to help us out with the project for beer money his son’s college fund ;)


So there you can see what it looked like before and during the tear-out process! Isla had a grand ol’ time helping Kyle rip down the walls for the storage room.


And there’s what it looked like after the studs came out and part of the flooring was laid. We had an electrician come in and  fix the wiring for the lights and the outlet that was on the outside wall, and a drywaller came in to remud the walls and texture the ceiling.

Kyle’s dad and his girlfriend were kind enough to come into town last weekend to help us repaint the walls, and on Monday while Norah napped and Isla watched an excessive amount of television, I repainted the trim. And now?



Ta da! (Norah and Daphne clearly approve!)

The exercise equipment that was in the front den now lives happily in the space that housed all of Isla and Norah’s toys, their toys have been relocated to where the storage room was, and the couch and fireplace have been reconfigured and have a much more cozy feel!

Our front den also got new flooring to match the rec room:


I’m thinking about making it into a guest space, but it’s too small to house a bed permanently. A futon and a little desk will work well, but we’re also toying with the idea of turfing the old suede couch and getting a full pullout sofa. I’m open to ideas!

Whatever I decide on for that little room, Kyle and I are so glad that we were able to get this project done! It took less than a month (working on it only on weekends) and it was way more affordable that we thought it was going to be!

This project has also shown me that renovations aren’t so bad afterall, and that maybe – just maybe – buying a bit of a fixer-upper in the future isn’t such a scary idea after all.

3 thoughts on “Basement renovation!

  1. That looks awesome! Tearing out that storage room was such a smart idea, it really opened the space up and seems much more functional now. We are currently toying with the idea of putting an offer on a house that has a fully unfinished basement. We got quotes on getting it finished but they’re HIGH so now we’re considering making an offer (that is considerably lower than the asking price so it might not even get accepted) and then just slowly doing the reno’s ourselves with a bit of outside help when we need it. We don’t really need that basement space anytime soon and the house is liveable for us as it is right now! We’ll see!


  2. That looks fantastic!! I’m glad you were able to find a way to make the space work for you :) I wish we could do some major renovating in our condo – knocking out a few walls would make me SO happy! – but we’re not allowed to do any major renovations. Gah. I’m so done with condo living, lol.


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