TGIF v.38

A high of the week was winding up slo-pitch season with all sorts of good feelings in our dugout. We came in 2nd in our bracket and really came together as a team over this past season. I’m going to miss playing with those goons and am already looking forward to the spring!

And of course, I mustn’t forget about the epic 11-inning AL Wild Card game that the Blue Jays won on Tuesday, sending them to the ALDS! I was on the edge on my seat for the whole game and they absolutely KILLED it yesterday! Lets hope the trend continues today!

A low of the week was Isla catching her second cold of the school year. I knew it was bound to happen when she started school, but so far we’ve had one a month, and that’s ridiculous.

An internet find I loved was this video:

The best money I spent was spent at Costco so I could restock my freezer and pantry ;)

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was being able to go on a field trip with Isla’s preschool on Monday. We went to the pumpkin patch and Norah got to tag along as well! We fed sheep, picked pumpkins, went on a tractor ride, and fun was had by all!

The song that has been stuck in my head is “The Greatest” by Sia.

My meals of the week were:

Monday: Spaghetti
Tuesday: Take-out pizza
Wednesday: Sausages
Thursday: Fried Chicken

My plans for the weekend are lunch with friends who are visiting from out of town, dinner with my mom, and a much-needed movie date with Kyle!

What are you weekend plans? Did you watch any baseball this week??

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