TGIF v.25

The high of my week was having an amazing husband and wonderful mom help me out on Monday when I had dental surgery. I really could not have done it without them!

The low of my week was having said dental surgery. My face feels like I got hit with a 2×4 and the special mouthwash I have to use makes all my food taste like garbage.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.04.06 AM

Also: Norah fell off the couch because I’m an awful parent and left her there for 2 MINUTES while she was sleeping so I could help Isla in the bathroom. The stinker decided to wake up and roll over and she bailed. She cried for maybe a minute and was back to her normal self. And to retaliate for my negligence, she barfed all over my shirt. Touché, kiddo. Touché.

An internet find I loved was this post by Melissa at So About What I Said. Click through and read it, please, and then high-five Melissa for sticking it to them.

The best money I spent was on a little outfit for Norah for her photo with Santa. While she has a ton of cute hand-me-downs from Isla, I try to put her in new outfits for special occasions, like her monthly update photos. That way, when she looks back on her photos when she’s older she doesn’t develop a complex ;)

My favourite Isla and/or Norah moment was getting Isla’s hair trimmed up. It’s long, wild and crazy and it just needed to have a couple of inches taken off.


The song that has been stuck in my head is the theme song for Toopy & Binoo. I hate myself a little for introducing Isla to Treehouse, but PBS Kids was getting boring for her. Oh well.

My meals of the week were:

  • Sunday – Meatloaf
  • Monday – Campbell’s Butternut Squash Soup from a box! (Kyle and Isla had meatballs)
  • Tuesday – Jambalaya {via Looney Spoons}
  • Wednesday – Spaghetti
  • Thursday – Oven baked honey garlic chicken

My plans for the weekend are to relax! Actually, I have no idea what our plans are for the weekend. Isla’s dance class tomorrow has been cancelled because of the Santa Parade, but I don’t think we’ll actually attend. Maybe I’ll try and get some Christmas shopping done instead, without a certain toddler …

2 thoughts on “TGIF v.25

  1. Oh man that sucks about the dental surgery and Norah falling off the couch. Hope you both are feeling better and hope you got some Christmas shopping done this weekend. I felt like EVERYONE and their dog were out shopping this weekend. I have a random day off work tomorrow so I think I’m going to try and get some Christmas shopping done then.


  2. I hope you’re feeling better after your surgery! And I’m sorry the theme song from Toopy & Binoo was stuck in your head, lol. There are only two TV shows Topher isn’t allowed to watch and that’s one of them, just because it’s so annoying!



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