Day in the Life: 12/02/15

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, so I though I’d document an average Wednesday. (Because my life is sooooo thrilling!)

5:30 am: Norah wakes up after she’s been sleeping all night (fist pump!) so I go into her room and am greeted with a big ol’ smile and happy squeals. I sit down to nurse her and Kyle comes in to kiss me goodbye for the day before he heads off to work! About 20 minutes later I hear the garage door open and it’s either A) A axe murderer, or B) Kyle because he forgot something. Luckily it’s just Kyle; he forgot his phone!

6:30 am: Norah’s finished eating and I manage to get her back to sleep. I’m not sure how long it will last, so I get up for the day and pour myself a mug of coffee and a bowl of cereal. I manage to consume (and enjoy) both before Isla wakes up just before 8 am! I get Isla her cereal and catch up on some blog posts I haven’t read while she eats.

8:30 am: I hear Norah waking up but she’s not upset so I let her chill out in her crib for a few minutes before grabbing her. It’s cartoon time for Isla and then I grab Norah and put her in her circle of neglect excersaucer while I have a quick shower.



9:30 am: Time to feed Norah again! I cut Isla off her cartoons and turn last night’s episode of The Voice to watch while Norah nurses and Isla occupies herself in her room with puzzles and toys. She manages to get herself dressed, so that’s a plus!

Oh look, she even kind of matches!

Oh look, she even kind of matches!

10:40 am: Norah’s finally finished eating, so I get her dressed and we head down to the dollar store to pick up a couple of things. I wanted a couple of bags for Christmas gifts and I managed to find a couple of super cute ones for just a couple bucks! I got 3 bags, 3 ornaments and a glass canister for our kitchen for under $7. Woo!

11:45 am: Norah fell asleep on the way home from the store so I cooked up some lunch for Isla and I. It wasn’t anything fancy, just some pasta with leftover sauce I made the other night for dinner.

Fun fact: I’m assuming the sauce I made from scratch (using this recipe) tastes good. You see, I have to use a special mouthwash because of the dental surgery I had last week and it has caused everything to taste pretty bland. Unless something is super strong or acidic (like coffee or orange juice), it just tastes like cardboard. Moving on …

1:30 pm: It’s feeding time again! We get settled in the living room again and watch The Incredible Dr. Pol and Ellen. Norah decided to stay awake instead of dozing off, so we decided to be lazy for most of the afternoon. I got some dinner prep done and Isla watched a couple of movies on Netflix. (The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then The Muppets.)

4 pm: I get Norah down for a little nap and get the rest of dinner prepped and ready to go. I’m making pork tenderloin and I have high hopes that I’ll be able to get it in the oven before Norah wakes up and needs to eat. I do, and I start folding the massive pile of clean laundry that has accumulated on my bed.

5 pm: Norah’s up and it’s perfect timing as I just got dinner in the oven. I sit down and feed her a little bit before getting the rest of dinner going. Isla entertained Norah while I did that:

"You're so funny!"

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The living room was full of giggles and squeals and it made my heart happy to see them getting along! Hopefully it continues as Norah gets older.

6:20 pm: Kyle’s home from work and we sit down for dinner! He took Thursday (today) off of work so it was nice to be able to relax and not have to get things prepped for the next day! (I also meant to take a photo of our dinner, but completely forgot. Dinnertime is chaotic around here!)

7:30 pm: I try to get Norah to go down for a little evening nap but no such luck, so she hangs out in Isla’s bean bag chair while I give Isla a quick shower. After that she goes and “exercises” with Kyle downstairs and I start Norah’s bedtime routine.

8:30 pm: It’s bedtime for Isla so Kyle takes care of her story and tucks her in for the night. He joins me in the living room and we chat about our day and plans for the weekend. He’s debating whether or not to go hunting and I have grand plans to bake cookies and get some final Christmas shopping done.

9:30 pm: Norah is finally down for the night and so Kyle and I start our evening routine. He has a shower and I finish putting away the laundry I had started folding. (Laundry is my LEAST favourite household chore!) We head to bed just after 10 pm, and get ready for the next day!

There you go – just a random and average Hump Day! What was a highlight from your Wednesday?



3 thoughts on “Day in the Life: 12/02/15

  1. Isla looks so pleased that she can dress herself! Ellie tries sometimes but she’ll put a bathing suit on over pi’s and add rain boots and a winter hat. A highlight from my Wednesday was starting a weekly mom’s group with a few friends. This week was our first visit and it was a lot of fun! Ellie even shared once or twice without screaming, so that’s definitely a highlight :D


  2. I’m impressed with the outfit Isla put together for herself!! Isn’t the dollar store the best? I need to start thinking to go there first more often, especially this time of year, because you can get things like wrapping paper, gift bags, etc SO CHEAP so why pay higher prices for them at the grocery stores or Walmart!



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