Weekend Update

Happy Monday, everyone! Here’s what we got up to this weekend:

After a LOT of swearing and cursing at the lack of space in our little apartment-sized freezer, Kyle and I adulted HARD and bought ourselves a ginormous 22cu.ft deep freeze! It arrives on Friday and I’m pretty stoked on it.

We also did a little bit of Christmas shopping done while we were at the mall, and I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially DONE my shopping! Thank jeebus, because it’s starting to get a little crazy in the stores.

We had a pretty lazy morning up until Isla had dance class at noon. I dropped her off and did our grocery shopping for the week, and after I picked her up and went home, my mom came over to help me bake cookies. Okay, it was more like her watching the girls while I baked, but still! Kyle did some shopping with his mom, and then when he got home he helped me finish off the cookies and made dinner.

We thought about going out and picking up a couple of things at Canadian Tire, but changed our minds. I ended up bringing up the Christmas decorations and decorated the house a little bit; we’re getting our tree next weekend, so no pictures until then!

In the afternoon Isla had her winter dance recital. It was a bit packed but she had 10 family members in the audience cheering her on! Norah had a bit of a meltdown (I think it was stimulation overload), so after she wouldn’t calm down for my mom, Kyle scooped her up and stood with her by the door in case she didn’t settle and he needed to make an escape. Luckily she calmed down for him right away and he was able to watch the show!


It was hilarious and the cutest thing ever! I think she was focused on the audience a lot because she would get “stuck” doing the same moves, but she’d catch up once she saw her teachers instructing them. Of course, I got it on video:

Enjoy! (And pardon the weird cuts into the routines. My camera only lets me do 5 minute videos at a time so I tried to film each song separately and stitch it together the best I could.)

How was your weekend?? Are your Christmas decorations up yet? Are you finished your shopping?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Ah, Isla is adorable! I can barely handle it.

    My apartment is decorated for Christmas! My roommate and I decorated the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We still need to add lights to our balcony, though!


  2. Ok, that dance recital is the cutest thing I have EVER seen – and I have two kids, lol. We decorated mid-November … We don’t usually start quite that early but Topher is *really* into Christmas this year (I blame school!) so why not? When we first got married I think we put the tree up in October :D



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