Reading // Nada. Still. There’s a new Jennifer Weiner book coming out next month that I’ll probably pick up, but I just don’t have the energy to read. I remember when Isla was born I’d read on my Kobo while nursing, but it’s tougher to find R&R time with Norah since Isla needs entertaining as well. So, my bookshelf remains pathetically empty.

Watching // Friends and OITNB on Netflix (which is underwhelming this season), plus Masterchef, Rookie Blue, and So You Think You Can Dance on “regular” TV.

Listening to // A lot of Maroon 5 still. I’m actually growing a little tired of everything that’s in my car, but I keep forgetting to bring my USB stick into the house to update my playlist.

Loving // These moments:


Thinking // About Kyle’s venture back to work next week. It’s going to be tough not having him at home, but I know he can’t be around forever. He’s been such an amazing help and I’m probably going to have a few mental breakdowns while I adjust to him not being here during the day. Ah well.

Needing // Clothes that are not so shlumpy looking as my body adjusts from pregnancy to pre-pregnancy. I have three pairs of shorts that fit and only one of them are “good” enough (IMO) to go out into public in. Blarg.

Anticipating // Isla’s Thursday visits to my mom’s once again. Our schedule has been out of whack since Norah’s arrival two weeks ago (already!!) but this week Isla will resume her Thursday dinner visits with her Gamma. Plus, when Kyle does go back to work, I’ll have a couple hours of just Norah and I time, which will be nice.

Looking forward to // Watching Norah grow, and her and Isla creating a sisterly bond.


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