Isla at 3


My Missy Moo, my Stinky Monkey, my Lovey, my Missy Love, my Squiddo:

You’re 3-years old today and I cannot help but wonder where on earth the time has gone. Every day you amaze me with how smart you are, you make me laugh with your silly antics, and you show me what it truly means to love someone with every inch of your heart. You make my heart smile so big, and I’m proud to say you’re my daughter.

You’re getting so big and are becoming quite the individual. You love to do things all by yourself but I cherish the moments when you need me or Daddy to help you. I know it won’t last forever, but know that we’ll both be there for you no matter what, regardless of how old you are.

Just six days ago you became a big sister, and you are shining. Your little sister has an amazing role model in you and I know she’ll look up to you as you both grow up. 

We shot this little video of you to remember some of your favourite things in life when you turned three. Enjoy it!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Isla! We love you so, so much!

– Mommy, Daddy, and Norah


2 thoughts on “Isla at 3

  1. I watched that video on Facebook last night — SO CUTE! Isla is the age that I’m excited for having kids. I’m not much of a baby person honestly but I LOVE the 3 – 7/8 age when they are pretty independent but also so fun and cute!! My little cousins are both in that age range and when they come visit my mom they always have a sleepover at our house and it’s so fun.

    Happy Birthday Isla!! Also I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Isla has GOOD hair!!! haha



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