Moments of Motherhood: On becoming a SAHM

Today at the Armchair Mayor News, I talk about the tough decision parents have to make when the mother’s maternity leave is over and they have to return to work:

Here in Canada we are privileged to be able to take a year off of work after our baby is born to raise them and adjust to life as a parent. In other countries, there is no guaranteed maternity or paternity leave and parents sometimes have to return to work in as little as 12 weeks, unless the company they work for provides other benefits.

This column is not one to boast about how lucky we Canadians are when it comes to taking time off work. More so, it is about how hard the decision can be to either go back to work or to become a stay-at-home parent.

When you start to break down the financial numbers, sometimes heading back to the office doesn’t make any sense… [continue reading]


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