Week in the Life: Tuesday


Morning // Isla comes in and wakes me up around 7 a.m., and we slowly crawl out of bed. This morning she stated that she’d like eggs for breakfast, so I make her scrambled eggs and peel up a Mandarin orange for her as well. I sit down with a bowl of cereal and go through blog posts and Bloglovin while she eats and when she’s done it’s her favourite time of day – cartoon time! I call and make Kyle and myself chiropractor appointments for Friday, and make a call for Kyle, then I vacuum the house. Fun times! After that I shower, then give the bathrooms a quick clean. I really want to make banana chocolate chip muffins, so I search Pinterest for a recipe and save it for tomorrow. (My bananas are frozen so I’ll thaw them out first.) I sit down to watch the Voice and then cook lunch up for Isla and I. She made me a “picnic” lunch, but I convinced her that potstickers and rice would be tastier ;)

Afternoon // Isla naps, so I package the meat I bought from Costco yesterday and toss it in the freezer. Then I relax in bed and watch some Gilmore Girls until she wakes ups. (Ah, the little luxuries!) I also get an email about some freelancing and respond to that. When Isla wakes up we head outside and I shovel the little bit of snow that fell this morning, and then we wonder over to the mailbox. (Nothing exciting except for a bill and a newsletter from Kyle’s work. I can’t wait to start receiving Christmas cards!) I forget that dinner takes 2 hours in the oven so I franticly get it put together and toss it in!

Evening // Kyle texts me and says he’s going to probably be a bit late coming home from work because the roads are a little slick. Now I don’t have to worry so much about dinner being done at the right time. (Win!) He eventually gets home and we eat, and soon it’s bath time for Isla. (I tell her she’s going to have a bath and she responds with, “Yep, I’m stinky!” Kids, I tell yah!) After her bath, it’s story and bedtime, so Isla gives Kyle hugs & kisses goodnight (cutest thing ever) and amazingly she picks a different book for me to read to her – Green Eggs and Ham! Once she’s tucked in Kyle and I enjoy some quiet time and watch an episode of CSI that’s on the PVR, and then head to bed!

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