Week in the Life: Monday

After reading Amber & Stephany’s Week in the Life posts last week, I just knew I wanted to jump on the bandwagon as well! I enjoy doing day in the life posts, but sometimes find they can take more time to put together since I have to remember all the junk I did and what time I did them. I’ll warn you now – I’m sure some days are going to be a little repetitive. Life as a stay-at-home-mom isn’t always exciting and our mornings are generally pretty routine! But – we’ll see how this pans out!

So, without further ado, here’s Monday in a nutshell:


Morning // Isla wakes me up around 6:45 and I feel like garbage. I had a sore throat yesterday and it has now turned into a full on cold. No idea where I got it. I realize it’s snowing outside but luckily it stops around 8 a.m. After Isla eats her breakfast I put on cartoons for her (Paw Patrol, Curious George & Daniel Tiger), and I read through my Bloglovin feed and start tomorrow’s column for the Armchair Mayor News. After figuring out the direction I want to go with my topic, I hop in the shower and get ready to head to Costco. Before Isla and I head out, I shovel the driveway & sidewalk. (And the sidewalk in front of my neighbour’s house because we have an unspoken agreement to help each other out.) I’ve starving when we get to Costco and only impulse buy one thing – and it wasn’t even the cream puff brownie tower thing I started drooling over in the bakery ;) Once we’re done, Isla and I head home and I lug all the groceries into the house and cook up some perogies for lunch!

Afternoon // Isla finishes her lunch and declares she needs to watch, “Just one episode of Paw Patrol.” (Her exact words!) I decline, she spazzes out but forgets about it 5 minutes later. I eventually get her down for a nap and I finish up my column and email it away. Then it’s time for adult decisions: Package away all the meat I bought at Costco, finish off the Christmas lights outside, or watch Gilmore Girls. I opt to quickly do the lights and then watch Gilmore Girls with a hot cup of tea and a couple of Girl Guide cookies. :) When Isla wakes up from her nap we head down to the basement and she plays in her kitchen while I numb my mind on the XBox. Eventually we head back upstairs and I get started on dinner!

Evening // I make meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner and it’s ready to eat when Kyle gets home from dinner. I’m still feeling pretty run down from this damn cold, so I end up just having a toasted tomato sandwich. After dinner, Kyle plays with Isla, so I catch up on this blog post a little bit! I get Isla ready for bed around 8 p.m., and after I read her a story (Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s – her favourite at the moment), it’s lights out and Kyle and I catch up on Canada’s Worst Driver before heading to bed around 10 p.m.

That’s Monday! What did you get up to?

2 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Monday

  1. You should have watched Gilmore Girls AND packaged the meat. I regularly bring my laptop into the kitchen to watch something while doing boring chores or meal prep :)



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