Project 365: September 28-October 4

September 28: Regular season ender tonight with this team. What an awesome season! ♦ September 29: Bedtime stories with her Camel and Daffy. ♦ September 30: Sanying goodbye to the Yellow Rocket. It was a sweet 6 years! ♦ October 1: Check up day for Daphne, and she received a clean bill of health with no new issues! ♦ October 2: Kyle inherited his grandma’s handwritten cookbook, so I attempted to make her raisin cookies. I burnt the first batch, but once I figured out the right temperature, they turnout our great! ♦ October 3: “I sleep on bed tonight?” No, Cam. No. October 4: The little chalkboard creation is finally in Isla’s room.

View the whole series here


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