Product Review: Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10

I’ll say it straight up: I get a lot of compliments on my hair. It’s smooth, stick-straight, and shiny. My hair dresser has even commented on how some women would kill to have natural dark brown hair like mine. (It even has hints of red. Yay Irish roots?)

Anyway, it’s not naturally perfect. I do have to manage my hair on a daily basis to keep it looking so swell. Every morning I shampoo and condition my hair, because if I don’t it looks oily AND my scalp flakes. Gross, gross, gross. And unless I toss it up into a pony tail, I have to blow dry and flat iron it to keep it looking normal. I know a lot of women go a day or two without washing their hair, but that’s just not possible for me. Gotta wash it to protect it from heat damage!


Enter the Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 line. With just three bottles of product my hair gets clean, is repaired and strengthened from heat damage, and smoothed (even more, like I thought that was possible). I figured that since there’s SO much going on between the shampoo, conditioner, and BB crème that my hair would feel heavy, but it doesn’t! It’s still light and silky smooth. A bonus is that the BB crème rinses off my hands easily when I’m done running it through my hair.

The only thing that I would change is the smell. I like product where I could just clutch the bottle all day and smell it, and the Ultimate 10 just doesn’t do that for me. It’s weird though – when I opened my BzzAgent box the smell was great, but when I opened the bottles up in the shower it wasn’t. Odd. (Although Kyle says it smells like cotton candy and he wants to eat my head … so I suppose it’s not that bad?)


Overall, I’m fairly happy with the results I’m seeing. It’s hard to notice a change in shine since my hair is naturally pretty shiny, but I have noticed less split ends and fried strands of hair from running it through the flat iron. And this past weekend I went a day without showering and my hair wasn’t overly oily looking on the surface.

Do I think I’ll switch from my regular brand of shampoo and conditioner? I’m not sure. The price tag is comparable to other popular brands out there, so I might switch for a little bit and see how it goes. For now, I’ll just keep lather, rinse, and repeating ;)

Want to try Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 yourself? Click here for a printable $2 off coupon! You can purchase the Ultimate 10 line at Target or any other major retailer.

What products do you usually use in your hair? Is there anything in specific that you battle against when it comes to hair care?

Disclaimer: I received Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 shampoo, conditioner and BB Crème for free from BzzAgent in exchange for my honest opinion and to help create buzz about the product.


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