TGIF v.5

The high of my week was quick, in-and-out visits to the doctor. (It was time for the God-awful lady-bits check up, and according to my doctor, “Everything looks great!” Hurray for my vagina!) Also (and not at all TMI), my slo-pitch team did SO GREAT during our wind-up tournament last weekend! We went 3-1 and ended up placing 2nd in our division. Not a bad end to an awesome season, either! (We went 11-1!) I’m bummed that ball is done until the spring, but it’s getting cold and I’m ready to bundle up!


The low of my week was our tenants giving their notice that they are moving out at the end of November. They’ve been in there for almost three years, and while I can understand their reasoning (she’s expecting their 2nd baby at the end of November), Kyle and I are now pondering what we should do with the townhouse. This is most definitely an FML moment. Also, Kyle, Isla and I all caught colds, so we’ve been battling congestion and snot all week.

A blog post I loved was this one at NZ Muse. In it she compares what different real estate price points can buy you in Auckland. Kyle and I love looking at real estate and are always amazing at what dollar amount buys you what kind of property in different cities. (We watch a lot of House Hunters on HGTV.) Her post inspired me to poke about the market here a little more and do my own comparison post in the future. :)

The best money I spent was winter tires for Vera, if that counts. Winter tends to strike by the end of October around here, and to legally drive on any major highways in BC you have to have snow rated tires on your vehicle by October 1. Anyway, Kyle and I bought tires for the car and had them installed on Wednesday.

Isla watching cartoons at the tire shop, waiting for our car to be done!

My favourite Isla moment was hearing ask Kyle to read her bedtime story to her. I’ve been doing the bedtime routine for as long as I can remember, and for her to ask Kyle to read the story and not me was amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. I really love the relationship that they’ve developed and it’s so great to see her and Kyle interact in the silliest ways.

The song that has been stuck in my head is “Shake it Off” by good ol’ T. Swift. It is Isla’s absolute favourite song right now and as a result we are forced to listen to it all the time. It’s driving me crazy, actually. She asks for it by name every time we get into the car and every time I turn on iTunes. Oy.

My favourite meal of the week was probably the butter chicken leftovers I had Sunday after I came home from slo-pitch. Kyle made dinner and set a bowl aside for me, so it was great to come home to!

My plans for the weekend are a family dinner with Kyle’s family tonight, Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and step-dad tomorrow, a trip to the hometown on Sunday to visit my Grandpa, and who knows what on Monday! (Rest, maybe?)

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