Reading // I picked up The Fault in Our Stars at Costco yesterday so I’m looking forward to reading that! I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about the book and can’t wait to feel all the feels.

Watching // America’s Next Top Model is on again, so I’ve been rotting my brain once a week with that! I also just finished watching Masterchef on Tuesday and I’m happy with the winner!

Listening to // Isla is in love with “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift right now, so we’ve been listening to that a lot lately. (Dance parties in the car included!) She actually likes to sing it to her dolls and shake them, which is slightly concerning, haha.

Loving // That two of Kyle & I’s closest friends got married on the weekend! We were both honoured to be a part of the wedding party, and had such a fun time that day. It was so lovely, and I wish the bride and groom all the very best on their new life together!! I didn’t get any photos of Kyle, Isla and I, but here’s a lovely one of myself and the bride!

The beautiful bride & I!

Thinking // That potty training is by far the biggest challenge parenting has thrown my way. Isla is SLOWLY getting it, but it’s definitely a learning process. How parents do it in three days is beyond me. So far, Isla knows when to go if I leave her naked from the waist down, but when I put training underwear on her she just goes in those and looks confused when she wets herself. (At least she notices that she has wet herself?) I know she’ll figure it out eventually, but it’s tough. (And also – Pull-Ups are the WORST. She just thinks that they’re diapers and doesn’t even notice when she pees.)

Needing // To do a little bit of fall shopping! I could really use a new pair of jeans and some shirts, and my current purse is falling apart. Maybe I’ll get that done this weekend while Kyle’s away hunting.

Anticipating // Maroon 5 in March! Okay, so it’s a few months away still, but I’m so excited to go!!

Looking forward to // Slo-pitch on Sunday! There’s only 2 weekends left until the end of the year tourny, and then that’s it until spring! Isla also starts swimming lessons on the 5th of October, so I’m looking forward to that as well. She fell in love with swimming this summer, and frequently tries to swim in the bathtub (and on the kitchen floor), so I’m hoping it carries over to her lessons. Fingers crossed!

One thought on “Currently

  1. We potty trained Topher last summer and he was naked from the waist down for about five months, unless we had to go somewhere, and then he had to put on his “training pants”, which is what we called pull-ups. We found Diego ones and told him he wasn’t allowed to pee on his beloved Diego – and he actually did really well! It was even longer before he was potty trained at night … it’ll come! My kids both love Shake It Off too, if they hear it they’ll run into the living room from wherever they are and just start going nuts. Even the dog barks, lol. Our neighbours love us ….



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