Happy Yogaversary to Me!

While I had followed along with Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown DVD in the past, today marks the 1-year anniversary since I took my very first yoga class! It’s hard to believe that one year ago today I was anxiously awaiting my first class, essentially “green” to the practice, and not having any idea of what I was in for. I’m sure glad I stuck to it, because practicing yoga is something that I’ve really come to love and enjoy.

First ever headstand!

First ever headstand!

Yoga, for me, is my way of clearing my mind, even if it sometimes just lasts for that one hour during class. Being able to just breathe and concentrate on what I’m doing at that very moment is so relaxing for me. There’s always a lot of talk as to why one would practice yoga, and for me, it’s just being able to reconnect with myself and ground myself that’s the most important.

I love also how much it has pushed me to challenge myself as well. Every week I could feel my stretches, bends, and folds getting a little deeper, and my balance getting a little stronger. Some of my favourite poses have been the ones that have challenged me the most, like supine hero or dancer. Nothing is greater than finally nailing the pose after weeks of trying!

Of course, my favourite moment was when I was finally able to get into a headstand pose! I couldn’t have done it without the help and encouragement from my amazing instructor, Carrie, either. I’ll admit that while she’s been the only instructor I’ve had, she’s absolutely amazing. Her passion for teaching and helping all of her students reach their fullest potential is just unbelievable. She’s taught me that your poses don’t ever need to be picture-perfect, that it’s just fine to stay within your comfort zone. (Although her suggestions for if we’re feeling “saucy” always make me giggle.)

Yoga Poses

Clockwise from top-left: Side plank, Eagle, Crow, Warrior III

While I haven’t attended classes regularly in the past couple of months, I do try and find time to do a little bit at home, even if it’s only for 25 minutes. Just being able to focus on my breath for those moments and not my kids, my dogs, or the bills on the table is all I need to feel like a human again.

I’m so glad that I decided to take the chance on yoga and signed up for that series of beginner classes a year ago. I can honestly say that yoga has changed my mindset on how I handle things everyday, like dealing with the silly little interruptions like this one:DSC_0011

Nothing like a little Daphne photobomb ;)

So, Happy Yogaversary to Me!! I’m going to celebrate by heading to a class tomorrow evening.

Do you practice yoga? What made you decide to start?



3 thoughts on “Happy Yogaversary to Me!

  1. Happy yogaversary! I LOVE yoga. It has definitely changed my life the last four years. Right now I’m only practicing about twice per week but I think I am going to do the 30 day challenge again in January and will likely try to increase my practice to 3-4 times a week before then.


  2. Happy yogaversary! I know SO many people who do (and love!) yoga, but I’ve never tried it apart from a lame “desk yoga” class I had to take at work. If I ever have free evenings again, I might try to take a REAL class! How do you not fall over? I can’t even stand on one foot without toppling over …


    • It’s all about breathing and staring intently at a stationary object ;) I definitely recommend trying an actual class one day. Instructors are usually so great with beginners too; they do a great job explaining every aspect of yoga!



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