Moments of Motherhood: Trust me, I read it on the Internet

A new Moments of Motherhood column is up at the Armchair Mayor News and this week I discuss how we rely on the Internet perhaps a little too much when we become parents. While it has plenty of great tips and advice, it has twice as many bad ones and not-necessarily-good advice.

Here’s a preview, and as always, click on through to read the rest:

There are endless things you can look up on the Internet. Whether it is a recipe for the perfect pulled pork sandwich filling or complete lyrics to Miley Cyrus’ latest hit, the Internet is a wonderfully endless world of tip, tricks, and useless knowledge.

We as a society are drawn to the Internet these days as our go-to source for finding things out. No longer are trivial disputes drawn out over months on end; a simple visit to Wikipedia (even though its legitimacy is frequently questioned) can nip heated debates in the bud. [continue reading …]


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