Weekend Update

This weekend just seemed to fly by, even though not much was going on in our household!

– Yesterday was my first evening back out on the ball field! While I subbed in for a couple games during the spring league, I decided to finally make a comeback and commit to the fall league. It’s a short season – the first games where last night and the wind-up tournament is slated for the first weekend in October – but it’s always hella fun! Other than soccer, slo-pitch is the only other organized sport that I’ve been involved with, so it feels great to playing again. (Although this morning as I write this my body is aching. I’m getting old :P )

20140817_163618(Photo from our first game – History was made as we had the fullest bench ever!)

– Saturday consisted of slothing around the house for most of the day, although Kyle was productive and did an oil change on the truck. That evening we headed to his grandparent’s place for a big family dinner; it was his grandpa’s birthday yesterday and his great aunts & uncles were also in town visiting.

– On Sunday Isla and I did a little shopping for new shoes for her! Since the weather is cooling off it’s starting to become socks & shoes weather and her shoes from the spring no longer fit. We headed to the Shoe Warehouse where Isla ran around like a crazed teenager until she finally found a pair she wanted. I’m serious – She grabbed a pink pair of Vans and when I offered a different pair for her to try on she refused and said,”DEESE ONES,” to the Vans. So there. I’m just glad they weren’t the light-up or squeaky ones.


– It’s crazy how summer seems to just instantly wind down. The past week has seen some cool and rainy weather, and the days are definitely getting shorter. In June/July I would be driving home from my Mom’s around 8:30 p.m. and the sun would be blinding me, and now it’s just about to set. Sad days. That being said, I am thankful for everything that summer has brought me this year, even if some of it has been tough. I’m glad that we were able to have a great summer as a family, filled with lots of little adventures and laughter. And while I’m sad to see it go, I cannot wait to bust out the jeans and cozy sweaters for the winter!

That’s about it!

How was your weekend?



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