Project 365: August 10-16

August 10: The birthday boy celebrates turning 3 hard. ♦ August 11: Fun at the water park!  August 12: We eat ice cream with our fingers.♦ August 13: Daphne is unappreciative of Campbell’s snuggle attempt. ♦ August 14: OPI self-mani in My Vampire is Buff. ♦ August 15: Cribbage with my darling. (I lost.) ♦ August 16: Dr. Isla, at your service!

View the whole series here

One thought on “Project 365: August 10-16

  1. Topher likes to eat ice cream out of a cone with a spoon :) Daphne looks like she just loves Campbell, ha ha … We’ve talked about getting another dog but I’m not sure how Chloe would handle it. She’s not the friendliest when other dogs are in her space!



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