Listy Friday

– My boss announced his retirement yesterday. This makes me sad because he’s an awesome boss! It will be strange coming back from maternity leave and having a new boss … But – c’est la vie! I wish him all the best in his retirement, which begins in September.

– Speaking of maternity leave – including today, only 6 more shifts at work until I’m off!! I’m so done with being a work pregnant. It’s too much work getting up and walking across the office, and I’m just more comfortable at home.

– I would like to point out that stating your vehicle is “lady driven” as a positive when trying to sell it isn’t actually a positive, or at least not in my mind. Not to sound all anti-feminist or whatever, but some women really do NOT now how to look after a vehicle. Hell, even I’m a dumbass sometimes. I’ve backed into things, ran dangerously low on gas, didn’t bother to check my oil until the “Check Oil” light came on … Seriously – “Lady Driven” isn’t a good thing!

– My immediate co-workers/the people in my department, took my out for lunch on Wednesday to one of my favourite restaurants (a total coincident) as a send off/congratulations lunch before I go on mat. leave next week. OMG, I’m still drooling over how amazing my lunch was! Scallop pasta in a creamy white sauce – AMAZEBALLS. I ate so much, I pretty much had to be carried back to the office. (Almost – a lovely coworker gave me a ride back)

– My internet at home died while I was writing this post. Thank goodness for auto-saves!

– Here’s a story of convenience: My doctor works at my hometown’s poor excuse of an ER on various weekends (My hometown is actually where he started out as a doctor in the area way back in the day). The biggest event of the year for said hometown is next weekend and I wasn’t going to go because I’m afraid of going into labour while I’m there. Coincidentally, my doctor is going to be working in my (our?) hometown next weekend, most likely because of said event (It’s a rodeo – injuries are inevitable). I may just have to go to town afterall! Yee-haw :)

– Kyle and I busted out the wedding cake we had saved from when we got married (it’s traditional to save the top and eat it on your 1st anniversary!). Amazingly, it was still really good! It didn’t get dried out and the icing tasted even better, lol. We were pleasantly surprised.

– I’m sure I have 100,000,000 other things to say but I can’t think of them. Pregnancy brain FTW.

What are you weekend plans?

One thought on “Listy Friday

  1. That’s true, but I’d still take a girl car over a boy car. Guys are much more likely to thrash the crap out of their vehicles. The best cars are those owned by little old ladies who get everything serviced regularly!



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