38 Weeks and How I Feel

As time ticks along and the countdown to my due date gets smaller and smaller, I’ve been asked a lot about how I’ve been feeling. I think it’s safe for me to say that I’ve been feeling a lot of things. Scared, excited, nervous, anxious, tired … but most of all? Done.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed being pregnant for the most part. Other than the nauseous feelings at the beginning and how uncomfortable I am now, I’ve felt great.

But I’m done. I could go into labour as soon as I walk through the door at home on Friday and be okay with that. My ankles are now cankles, I’m tired all the time (again), I’m too warm, I can’t sleep … it’s ridiculous. And yes, I know, I’ve heard it a million times already, “Enjoy it now because you won’t get any sleep once the baby arrives!” True, but at least I won’t be uncomfortable. I don’t miss not sleeping – I just miss being comfortable during whatever sleep I get, 2 hours at a time or not.

So I’m done. I’ve over being pregnant. It’s been a wonderful, eye-opening journey, and of course, I’ll do it again, but I’m done. Little Baby Evans, you can arrive any time you like – after work on Friday :)

How far along? 38 weeks

How big is baby?  She may weigh between 6.8 and 7lbs, according to BabyCentre.ca. I’m okay with that!

Total weight gain/loss: At my doctor’s appointment on Thursday last week, I checked in at a couple decimals over 150lbs, which, according to the doctor, is fantastic! So I guess I’m not a whale – Yay!

Maternity Clothes? I went and bought nursing bras on Saturday. How fun! I’m so glad they actually look nice and have underwires. My boobs couldn’t handle not having underwire support. Not even kidding. I’ll probably have to buy a wireless one for at night, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Stretch marks? There’s a new one on the underside of my belly that I couldn’t really see unless I twisted and contorted. Kyle was the first to point it out, but it’s quite faint compared to the others I have.

Sleep: Our weather has been whacked (rain-sun-rain-rain-rain-sun-rain) so our furnace has actually been kicking in. This results in me sweating to death in the middle of the night. I also have to pee all the time as Baby gets all ready to make her arrival. Silly child!

Movement: She’s still moving around quite a bit, but I’ve also been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions and some light cramping (which is normal at this point in pregnancy). You can really see her sharp little limbs when she stretches out, although I can’t figure out if what I feel is a knee, foot, hand or what-have-you.

Food cravings: Of course, because my feet are swelling and I have to limit my salt intake, all I want is salty food. I have movie theatre popcorn complete with butter and a flavour shaker last week and that was a bad, bad choice. My ankles looked like they were going to burst. :(

What I miss: Need I say it again? Being comfortable.

What I am looking forward to: My last day of work on Friday! I can’t believe it’s right around the corner, and to be honest, I’m going to miss work a little bit! I’m sure that once my year off is all done, it’s going to seem like the time flew right by.

Milestones: I started packing my hospital bag and the diaper bag last week. It’s about time I prepared a bit more! Of course, now that I have things more or less ready to go Baby will be late.


And here’s another with me NOT in my baby-bump gear, just for comparison :)

Kind of looks like a swallowed a basketball.

One thought on “38 Weeks and How I Feel

  1. Hey! I am new to wordpress, just browsing pregnancy blogs! You make an adorable pregnant woman! I love your bump! I am currently 40 weeks and 2 days overdue :( *sad* but hanging in there. I really enjoyed reading your pregnancy questionnaire! You are so lucky to only be at 150lbs! I started at 148 and am now 178! AH! You are almost done!! 38 weeks is an amazing milestone! <3 Happy Pregnancy!



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