Listy Friday

I feel that I’ve totally dropped the ball on blogging plately. Oh well. Today, you get a list:

– My dogs are driving me crazy. Between Campbell not wanting to listen to me, and Daphne being a crotchety old bag, they’re going to put me into early labour.

– The local TV station hosts an online auction twice a year, and the one that just ended had four newborn photography packages by a super awesome photog here in town. Unfortunately, I didn’t win any of the packages. So – I’m going to do my own newborn photography when Baby arrives! It should be interesting to see how this goes, but I think if I practise a little bit, it should work out okay! I’m starting to look into buying a few props to get myself started; even if I spend $100 on props, it’ll still be cheaper than hiring someone to take photos.

– I am guessing that Baby is going to be early – my goal is 1 week – because of all the Braxton Hicks contractions I’ve been having for ever. It’s HORRID.

– There was a hostage situation in Kamloops last night that sadly ended with the house going up in flames and the suspect dying inside the blaze. Fortunately, the hostage herself made it out, as well as her children. The crazy thing is that it happened in a good neighbourhood. What on earth is the world coming to?

– Before my Grandma passed away, my Grandpa had given me her laptop to “clean out” and help him close some of her online accounts. I’ve now inherited the laptop since mine was/is starting to go. I found our old Microsoft Office 2003(!!) disc and installed it onto the laptop, but do you think it would open my 2007 Office documents? Noooooo! So annoying. Now I’m going to probably have to cough up the money to get a newer version of Office. Drats.

– However, to offset the cost of buying Office, I did trade in some of my rewards points from my credit card to get a $100 gift card to an electronic store. I may just have to go use that this weekend. Doing my freelance work is a pain in the ass when I have to bust out the old, cranky laptop to do my work.

– This weekend is also a long weekend here! My plans? Do nothing!! Yaaay, I’m awesome. But really, I’m going to enjoy having Monday off work next week.

– As much as the dogs do drive me crazy, it’s times like when Campbell gets himself stuck under our spare bed that makes me love his goofballness and I forgive him for the headaches. Really, he’s priceless.

Hope you have a happy long weekend! (If you’re lucky enough to have one, that is!)

2 thoughts on “Listy Friday

  1. I love that picture of Campbell :) Chloe loves to play under our bed but she’s 15 lbs, max – I can’t even imagine how a big boy like Campbell managed to sequeeze under there!


  2. Such a cute photo! That whole hostage situation last night was so sad. Enjoy your long weekend. I am SO ready for a 3-day weekend!



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