35 Weeks and the Diaper Debate

First – Holy crap, I only have 5 more weeks until my due date! That means I only have 4 more Fridays at work, and the baby could come anytime after that! (No sooner though, please!)

Last week, Kyle and I bought our first box of diapers, you know, just to be prepared! (Even though we are still crib-less, lol) We bought a box of Huggies something-or-other in newborn size since they were on sale and it’s not like we don’t use them or that they’ll go bad.

We have been trying to decide what route to go with diaper-wise almost since we found out that we were expecting. Cloth diapering seems to be rising in popularity these days, but the idea of cleaning, rinsing and washing diapers is not something that really gets me all excited. Disposable diapers are easy, though more expensive, and not particularly environmentally friendly.

So, the debate was on. Do we help save the environment a little bit and go with cloth, or do we take the easy road and go with disposable?

What we wound up doing was breaking down a Pros and Cons list for each option:

Cloth – Pros:

–          Better for the environment

–          Save money in the long run

–          “Better” for baby

Cloth – Cons:

–          Greater “start up” cost

–          More laundry to do

–          I hate cleaning poop and pee

Disposable – Pros:

–          More convenient; can just toss diapers away, easier when travelling

–          “Everyone can do it;” family won’t look at my baby’s diaper and go “WTF?” when I ask them to change a diaper

Disposable – Cons:

–          Not so good for the environment

–          “Not good” for baby

–          Cost cans add up

Really, I think that these days, people are all about saving money, which makes sense. Why pay more for something you can do yourself for less? Sure, cloth diapers cost significantly less in the long run, especially if you hold onto everything and use them on your next child, but the start up costs can add up at the beginning with having to buy inserts, the diapers themselves and whatnot.

I find that there’s a lot of debate when it comes to using disposable diapers. There’s the obvious – the environmental impact, diapers take FOREVER to break down in landfills; but there’s also the “better for baby” debate as well.

They (whoever “they” are) say that disposable diapers contain chemicals that can harm your baby. Personally, I believe that there’s a lot more out there in the world that could harm a child than a diaper. I was raised in disposables and I’m fine, as was Kyle, my brother, and the majority of people my age. “They” also say that using cloth diapers lessens the risk of diaper rash. My mom told me that she just wiped cream on my ass after every change and I never had a diaper rash one single time. So, ha.

I really don’t want to become a “crunchy” mom, which seems to be popular these days. Organic food? Breastfeeding for ever? All-natural this and that? Not really our style. And part of me wonders if the whole “cloth, organic, all natural” trend is just that – a trend.

Anyway – back to the diapers – We decided in the end to go with disposable diapers because in the end (to us anyway), time is money. What is my time worth? A lot. I don’t want to be hassled with extra loads of laundry. Yes, there is a service in Kamloops that picks up, cleans, and delivers fresh cloth diapers for you, but it costs about $100/mth. I believe when Kyle and I were breaking down the costs, disposables were marginally cheaper than the service.

Some people have suggested that we do both – but why spend all the money on the cloth diaper supplies if you’re not going to use them 24/7? In some cases it makes sense – travelling, etc. – but it seems like a waste when you have a reusable product just sitting at home.

So in the end, we’ll be disposable diaper parents. I do plan on using cloth wash clothes for diaper changing time and will only use store-bought wipes when I’m out and about, so I’ll help the environment a little bit there. Our decision was simply based on what works best for our/my lifestyle. I’m a lazy person by nature, and also look for the easiest way out.

So, onto our regular programming:

How far along? 35 weeks!

How big is baby? About 5.25lbs and 18″ long from head to toe, according to BabyCentre.ca.

Total weight gain/loss: I’d like to say that my weight gain has maxed out, but with there being only a few weeks left to go and the baby only gaining weight from here on out, it’s hard to say. So far, I’ve gained a total of about 25lbs.

Maternity Clothes? Nothing new or exciting!

Stretch marks? Still none!

Sleep: Ugh – What’s that?

Movement: Still quite a bit! I don’t think she’ll ever slow down; I’m pretty sure she’s going to break dance her way through delivery!

Food cravings: I really, REALLY wanted a BLT last week, and I finally had one on Wednesday. OMG it was amazing!

What I miss: Everything.

What I am looking forward to: Everything!

Milestones: I sent my boss my official notice for my last day before maternity leave, and Kyle and I bought our very first box of diapers. (OMG) The adorable cloths I ordered from Carter’s also arrived – and the cuteness is just ridiculous! See for yourself:


So, if you have kids, what did you do with for diapers – Cloth or disposable?

If you don’t have kids but plan to – What do you think you’ll use?


4 thoughts on “35 Weeks and the Diaper Debate

  1. I spy a cupcake onesie :)
    Stephen and I have talked about cloth/disposable, quite a bit, even though we’re not planning on having kids any time soon. I think we’re leaning toward cloth diapers, because the cost of disposable adds up. Yes, the initial investment for cloth is quite a bit, but you can use cloth diapers for more than one kid! I also like that there’s a diaper sprayer that can be attached to your toilet to rinse out diapers, and fitted diapers seem to be the way to go.
    But then again, as a nanny, I like how easy it is to just toss a disposable diaper. I also don’t have to pay for those :)


  2. Only 5 more weeks?!? Wow! We used disposable diapers – like you, they just fit better with out lifestyle. We’re always on the go – I barely have time for regular laundry, never mind washing diapers every day or two. Topher’s only ever had a couple of diaper rashes – one because he was allergic to something in the Pampers diapers and one because he was sick with the flu and he pooped so much I think his little bum got sore :( Hopefully soon I won’t even NEED to buy diapers – if my kid ever gets over his fear of the potty, that is!


  3. 5 weeks – wow!

    Mm. Mum says she had to use cloth on me. I had such crazy sensitive skin. (Still do – eczema, rosacea, and insect bites are a nightmare.) I’m going to do everything humanly possible to use disposables. I am not strong enough to deal with the logistics of cloth.


  4. Can’t believe your due date is so close!

    I have no idea what we’ll do since we’re SO far away from having kids. I’d like to do cloth diapers but i guess we’ll see what our lifestyle is like when the time comes!



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