Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite Pixar movie? Have you seen all of them?
I definitely haven’t watched all of the, but I think one of my favourites has got to be the “original” – Toy Story! I’m pretty sure I have it on VHS somewhere in my basement, lol. Finding Nemo is also pretty awesome.

2. Do you enjoy soccer?
I enjoy  playing it, but I don’t find it all that entertaining to watch. Even notice how overly dramatic some of the players are? Especially when they get hurt? Yeah – bunch o’ babies. And the showboating when they score goals is a little ridiculous too.

3. Are you musical?
I can’t carry a tune to save my life but I can read music and play piano. That’s about the extent of it though.

4. How many push-ups can you do?
I have no idea. I’d try, but my pregnant tummy will just weigh me down. We’ll go with 10, because everyone can do at least 10, right?

5. Did you have braces when you were younger?
I did, and I could probably use them again. (Yuck). My bottom teeth have a permanent retainer stuck on them but my top teeth don’t. I had to wear one of those plastic ones on my top teeth when I slept, but I always pulled it out of my mouth in my sleep. Even though I told the orthodontist this, he didn’t give me a better solution to keep my teeth straight, so they’re going crooked again. *sigh* Our dental plan covers braces, but there’s no way I want them again.

6. Summer or winter? Coffee or tea? Wedges or flats?
Summer! Coffee! Flats!

7. Do you buy new or used cars?
Generally, we buy used, although when Kyle bought the Ranger it was brand new. (He got a screamin’ good deal on it!) But, I bought my Focus when it was 3  years old and our “new” truck is 4 years old. New doesn’t necessarily mean better, but it always means more expensive!

8. Are you afraid of needles?
In a way. I can’t look at them going into me, but I’m not afraid of them to the point where I won’t go near them.

9. Do you get cranky when you’re tired or hungry?
Oh yes. Just ask Kyle. I am UNRULY when I’m tired and have a pretty short temper when I’m hungry.

10. Write your newest favorite recipe.
Is bad that I don’t really have one? The newest one I used was for grilled balsamic chicken, but I can’t remember the exact recipe. Balsamic vinegar, EVOO, dijon mustard, lemon juice, rosemary, all whisked together and then the chicken marinates for about an hour. I like it, but Kyle doesn’t.


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