33 Weeks and a Birthday Message

Dear Baby,

Today is my birthday, and soon, you’ll have one too. I don’t care what day you choose to have your birthday on, just as long as you’re ready to meet the world. I will admit to you that if you’re a couple days early and arrive on your uncle’s birthday, I would be pretty amused.

I promise to you that on your birthday on this, all of your needs, wants and desires will be granted. Except for if you want a cat. Mommy is allergic, so unfortunately that’s just not posible. Nor is a pony. Mommy is afraid of those. But I promise you that you’ll always be fed, clothed and loved by me and your Daddy. I hope that having you when I’m 26-years-old gives me enough life experience to raise you to be an amazing human being.

Even though today is suppose to be “my” day, I just can’t stop thinking of you. How is it that in 7 weeks (if you’re right on time) we’ll finally meet? It seems like just yesterday your Daddy and I learned that you would be coming along. Oh how time flies, and I’m sure it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. I just hope I can keep up with you!

So Happy Birthday to me, and soon, Happy Birthday to you.

How far along? 33 weeks!

How big is baby? About 4.2lbs and 17″ long from head to toe, according to BabyCentre.ca.

Total weight gain/loss: About 2lbs I think. Eek!

Maternity Clothes? I’m still wearing the same ol’ stuff! I believe my mom is going to take me shopping for my birthday, so I’ll finally be able to pick up some (more) new clothes. It seems like it never ends!!

Stretch marks? Still none, which leads me to believe that if they haven’t happened by now, they’re not happening at all. (Although my fingers are still crossed and I’m knocking on wood!)

Sleep: Ugh. I’m sooooo uncomfortable these days. My hips are starting to ache all the time, and most nights I’m still waking up sweating to death. Also – it seems that no matter what I do, I’m now waking up in the middle of the night with wicked heartburn. Not fair.

Movement: Still lots! She’s a little motor machine in there, and sometimes she hits me in just the right spot where it hurts like hell!

Food cravings: Nothing too crazy lately.

What I miss: A good night’s sleep. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this for the majority of my pregnancy, but seriously. I MISS GOOD SLEEP! And it’s only going to get worse :(

What I am looking forward to: Some form of solid, non-sweaty, non-achy sleep. Preferably laying flat on my stomach. That is all.

Milestones: I did my very first bit of baby clothes shopping online the other day on Carters.com. I’m pretty excited for everything to arrive!


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